Subside the stress!

Hello you beautiful bunch!

How was your day? I trust it was as great as you! I hope it was a nice last day for all the people staring college tomorrow or returning to work or school! (How you feeling about that by the way?)

Now the thing I want to talk about tonight is stress! That’s because some people may feel stressed because of their career, home life or even something that shouldn’t even take up your time because it’s simply not worth it! 

If you’re feeling pressured about work, try and think about why you’re doing it! Why be involved In something that doesn’t make you happy? Life’s too short to be miserable and you have every opportunity to change it in order to be at ease!

Now if you’re particularly worried about something that shouldn’t be worth your time, ask yourself why you’re allowing it to take over your mind anyway! You are allowed to be as stress free as possible and you have every right to change things so that you can feel relaxed with your life!  

There’s not enough time to be worrying and panicking over why a guy didn’t reply to you or why a work partner didn’t say nice things about you! Life’s simply too short!!

Now tonight’s topic was extremely spontaneous so sorry if the theme wasn’t as good! I will have a think and hope to have more topics in mind for all you lovely ones!

I really hope you’re all smiling and doing well!

Until next time.


Wave goodbye to negativity!!

Hello everyone!

I’m so sorry that I haven’t been posting daily! I’ve just started a job and most my time has been at work! My apologies!! I missed you all!! (I hope you missed me and my blogs too?) I know some of you are everyday readers so I’m sorry to have disturbed your routine! (But this may make up for it?)

I wanted to talk about people who are negative in your life and what to do when they are bringing you down! Now firstly those people are not exactly necessary in your life therefore the best thing to do would be to remove them! Why be brought down when you’re simply perfect at staying up strong?

There’s ALWAYS going to be those minority that won’t think you can reach your potential and do the things that you strive to do. The thing that you need to say to those people are “Watch me”. I think it’s good to aim to achieve! That is because it proves those people wrong who were convinced that you wouldn’t be able to do it! The thing to say is “I can” not “I can’t”.

I believe that anybody is capable of anything, as long as they put their mind to it! For example, I really wanted to start writing poems, articles and stories however I never thought my work was enough until some people persuaded me that it was and that put my mind to believing in myself, my self worth and bringing my passion to light! Now I’ve had many of my work published in books and I couldn’t be happier! You never know what might happen and what achievements can be made unless you simply go for it! I dare you to be positive!

I like to use the quote “You are a fantastic human being! Start acting like it” Which boosts up your self perspective and helps you to realise how amazing you really are! What’s the point in feeling like nothing when you truly are everything!

Positive things leads to positive things! That means that by having a good attitude can make spectacular things occur in your life! You may get your dream job, You may travel the world, You may even become famous!! Anything you put your mind too can be accomplished!!

I really hope you’re all feeling happy and have had a wonderful day! You all deserve only the best!

Thank you so much for all the support! You guys are lush!!

Until next time,


Who’s ready for something new?

Hello everyone!

Now how was your day? I hope it was pleasant and you did something that made you happy! Whether that is watching a film or going out somewhere! I really hope that you are all feeling good about yourselves too! (Because you deserve that at least!)

Now the topic I feel I need to talk about tonight is starting something new! For example when you go back to school but you’re in a different year, you’re starting college or even a job! I know a lot of people can feel nervous or particularly stressed about something new however I believe it can also be quite exciting! You can meet new people, begin a new adventure and open another chapter! It’s a fresh path to walk down!

I know a lot of you are feeling unsure as to how your new start will turn out but I think you just need to stay positive and give it a go! It may be weird at first but by giving it time, it will enable you to get used to it and you may even start to like it! (Give it a chance, go on!)

I really hope that this has put your mind at ease a bit more to the ones who are feeling stressed or nervous! I think you all will be absolutely fine! Time is the key!

I’m so sorry I didn’t post anything last night! I got home from work late and I was just so exhausted I went to bed! (I missed you all!!)

I know this is a short one but i’m just so tired! But I knew I needed to write something at least!

Now all you lovely people stay happy and continue to be amazing! I think you’re all smashing!

Until next time,


Take a risk! I dare you!

Hello everyone!!

How was your day? Now I hope it was great! I hope it made you smile and feel happy within yourself!

I had my first day at work today and although it was tiring (think of the money, think of the money!), I loved it really! It was totally worth it! I’ve wanted a job for a while so I went out there, handed in lots of CV’s and didn’t give up! And look where I am now! I hope you all go out there and do what you want to do and strive to get the things you want to achieve! Most importantly, don’t give up! It will pay off in the end!

Now what kind of things are there that you want to do? Do you want to travel? Do you want a job? Do you have a dream house for the future? Or are there small but important things that you want to accomplish? 

Well…what’s stopping you? As they say “The world is your oyster” meaning that anything is in your reach! Go for gold and do it!!

There’s so many places that I want to travel and I know that my passion and determination to visit places will mean I’ll get there! If that’s what you want to do, take that opportunity with both hands and really live your life! 

Take a step outside your comfort zone and take a risk! If your friends want to take a day trip, don’t hesitate with the answer! Say yes!! If your parents want to have a family day out, don’t even think about it and accept!! As you get older and as your parents get older, things certainly change and you won’t always have that time as much! Take advantage of it now and spend your time with the people you love! Do something different everyday! (Paper towns is such a great example of doing something different! Wow I love that film! I recommend you watching it if you haven’t already!) 

I really hope you are all doing okay and are feeling content! If you ever need someone, look to the people that truly care for you and love you unconditionally! They are the ones to turn to as they will only be happy to help you and your troubles! Otherwise I am always here! (But seriously guys you are all just fabulous so I would remember that really! Don’t change your amazingness okay!!) 

Now I better go, work is early tomorrow! It’s been a pleasure as always! Smile lovely people! As much as you can throughout the day because it’s just the best accessory to an outfit! 

Until next time,


If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours!

Hello everyone! I hope your day was as lovely as you! Besides the rain of course!

I started my job today and I really do like it! Although we haven’t even opened the shop yet (I’m in retail which is great as I just cant get enough of clothes!!) I already feel a lot of potential and a great atmosphere ahead!

Now firstly I’d like to discuss the negativity that seems to hang in this world and how it should be replaced with a positive outlook! Here’s an article I started about the world and how certain things can put people down. What’s your opinion of it?

I think there is too much negativity in this world. Rain, arguments, money, racism and stereotyping is all examples of things that tend to bring people down to the ground. The struggle for money can cause straining stress and persistent pressure in an innocent person’s life where they simple struggle to survive. This topic is not spoken about enough so I feel it should be discussed.

Now there are plenty of things that can knock someone down in the world and make them feel so negative! As Ed Sheeran said “The worst things in life come free to us” but the thing to do when this happens is to look at it with a positive attitude and stay strong throughout! For example there are many people in this world that struggle financially and don’t get enough support for it! I think that people should be more aware of how much someone may be drowning in their troubles! Please just take a moment every once in a while to realise how someone may need help and if you are one of these people, then please try to seek help in your troubles! You have nothing to loose in doing this because it’s okay to ask for help if you need it! Don’t be afraid!

Secondly I was reflecting upon my last few blogs and after a friend has mentioned (thank you friend!), I tend to write about a female’s point of view in things (Obviously me being a girl and all!) but I feel I should write from a males perspective too (You know diversity and that!)

When I wrote about girls speaking to guys and how girls may feel about that, I feel I should write about how it makes the guys feel and see it from their point! Although some girls have a bad experience from the type of guys they speak to, they aren’t all like that! This is because there are still the kind, caring, loyal and amazing guys out there who would be a pleasure to talk to! The ones that you speak to who compliment you, making you feel special and the one’s who have a proper conversation with you, making you feel wanted! Those are the guys that you should hang onto and remember! Don’t stereotype all guys, some are the absolute best and it would be best to keep that in mind!

To all the guys out there, Some girls can be unbelievably grumpy sometimes and it can be difficult to talk to them, however some of us girls are all heart really and don’t mean to take it out on you! We feel amazing when guys give compliments or hold onto a conversation, therefore making an effort! That is what girls love when talking to guys! We love you really, sorry for our moodiness occasionally! Please hold on in there, we’re not always like that!

So thank you to the males that put in effort, hold onto a conversation, respect us, treat us the way that we deserve and are REAL gentlemen! All these qualities are most certainly favourited and are massively attractive! THANK YOU!

So thank you for your attention and support! It honestly means a lot! I hope you enjoyed your little read and I hope you all know that you are simply amazing!

Until next time,


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

Hello lovely people!

I hope your weekend has been lovely! I know the weather can be annoying but I still hope you did something that made you smile and feel happy!

Now firstly I just want to wish one of my friends a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (You know who you are!) and I really hope you have an amazing day and get all you wish for because you truly deserve it lovely!

Secondly I wanted to talk about bad experiences that people go through and how it changes them. I feel like most can make you stronger and better as a person however some can have a real effect on someone and cause real problems. To those people who have a very negative experience of this as they’re still going through it, please take my advice when I say it does get better! I know right now it seems dark and gloomy and as if you’re in a never ending tunnel however when the situation is getting better, you see light and things seem brighter and you seem happier! Trust me! They always say that “It gets worse before it gets better” and I believe that! 

But after you’ve had that bad experience and you have support from people, you start to realise that things can only go up from here and that you are a stronger, better person from here! I feel like now I’m a more confident person who is happy to help other people due to being able to relate! I feel that when you’re having a tough time, support is essential to bring you to the sunshine again! If you feel you have no support, I support you and know you are able to get out of this and become a happier, stronger person! Just you wait and see!

Another thing I wanted to mention is about love. Now this topic is something that I didn’t usually consider writing about however a few of my friends have spoken to guys and they’ve not been treated in the way they deserve at all. My advice to anyone who talks to boys would be to talk to the right ones. That may seem easier said than done but the ones who talk to you just for a personal vendetta is certainly the ones you should avoid because you are worth more of that! The ones who are kind, give you a real conversation and make you feel truly happy with yourself are the ones that you should talk to and then see where it goes! Don’t get your hopes up and think that there will defiantly be a relationship, just continue to talk and see if anything is to happen! Always remember your self worth and how important it is to be treated the way that you deserve.

I would encourage the people who feel low at this time or who are going through something that is a challenge, to stick with it and be strong because it’s only a matter of time until it’s better again and you’re happy once more! The most important thing to have throughout all the situations you go through is a positive attitude! 

It’s been a pleasure once again! Now I hope your day goes on to be memory making, laughing until your stomach hurts and smiling again and again and again! Your day should be perfect, like you!

Until next time,


Think about it…

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all having a good day and enjoying your summer holidays! It’s nice to make the most of this break before having to go back to school, work or college etc! The weather can restrict you of what your plans are however I still hope that you are having fun!

Now the thing that I really wanted to talk about today was the environment! You wouldn’t think it but I am actually quite passionate about the climate change, the carbon footprint and how the world is dramatically changing! I was standing on the porch earlier in the rain, and discovered that the air was humid and the raindrops were warm! I believe that it shows how the world is getting hotter and gives answers to the irregular weather we’ve been having recently! I mean, raining THIS much in the summer is even weirder than usual! I wish we could of done something about the environment sooner before it became too late! I guess there’s no time like the present!

I think that we need to do more to stop the issues with the environment from deteriorating. This can be by not leaving your technology on when not in use. It could also mean not using your car so frequently, so maybe share a lift or walk? I feel like if enough people change what they do in order to help our world, then it will make a difference!

Seeing the icecaps melting and the polar bears loosing their homes, and the fact that this world has caused this certainly makes me feel upset. I try and do what I can to help with the issues we face and do my bit however it can’t make a difference until enough do! I think your participation can help!

I know this is not what I tend to talk about, but the topic was something I feel needs to be brought up!

Please, help make a difference by changing your lifestyle a little and making sure our world doesn’t get worse!

I hope everyone has smiled and laughed today and been full of joy! You all deserve to be perfectly happy and content!

“You are perfect just the way you are”

“BElieve in YOUrself” (Read the capitals)

You’ve all been amazing, as usual!

Until next time,


Chin up!

Hello there people!

I’m sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday! It was results day and besides Maths (Which I didn’t pass unfortunately however I tried my best, I couldn’t of done anymore and i’m very proud of my other results so i’m thinking positively!)

I hope all your grades were what you wanted lovely people however if they weren’t, please don’t put yourself down about it, as long as you tried your hardest that’s all you can do! I’m still proud of you all and you are all still amazing people you went in as! All you can do is you best!

Now I think more people need to be more positive about things! For example results day really is a big day for school leavers and it can create a whole lot of emotions! Focusing on all grades, whilst looking at them positively can really be the way to look at it!

Life can really knock you down sometimes and be difficult, but the thing to do is dust yourself off, get back up and be strong! I believe that everyone has the ability to bounce back and think positively!!

Here’s a few quotes that I apply to my lifestyle and it seems to make me feel a whole lot better!

The first one is “You are beautifully and wonderfully made.”- Demi Lovato (MY IDOL!)

This one is one of my personal favourites! This is because it really boosts your self esteem! If you look in the mirror and say that to yourself, it starts your day off as a positive one! I think this is one you should say when you’re feeling particularly down!

The second one is “Not everyone you lose is a loss.”

Now this one I’ve been applying so much recently with many people disappearing from my life and how differently things have turned out! Now when people decide to exit your life, try and remember that not all of those will be a loss. This is because some people who have left may be for the best! They aren’t prepared to go where your path is taking you! Try and keep that in mind when you start to blame yourself, which is wrong because you can’t hold yourself responsible!

The third one is “Everything happens for a reason.”

I try and apply this quote to whenever something goes bad in my life. This is because I believe things all have a purpose and we have been given the negative situations in our life as a challenge, because we seem to be capable of handling it! I think that all the things that happen that may seem horrific short term, will be explained in the long term! I think this quote can be used daily!

Now the last quote that I like to use is “A smile is the prettiest thing a person can wear!”

This one is what got me through my exams when I was feeling defeated and run down from all the stress! This quote can be reflected upon when someone is feeling self conscious or unsure on their appearance (But guys you’re all beautiful so I wouldn’t worry!) But I know how people can see themselves and feel low upon their looks! I would use this when you are feeling a bit down! Honestly I think it works! My yearbook has this quote on the front! (It just makes me smile! Which is ironic really eh!)

Now I think it’s time to go! But you all have been a pleasure as always! I hope you all enjoyed reading this! (I’d love to know what you think ya know!)

I hope you had a lovely day and go on to have a nice weekend! I will probably post another tomorrow afternoon due to being out in the evening! Stay amazing guys!

Until next time,


Believe in yourself

Why hello there everyone! I hope your day was good, besides the rain! I trust you did something that was still good that meant you could forget about the weather! (Although I like it when it rains, I find it very therapeutic watching it!)

Now I know I’ve spoken before in one of my blog posts about results day (Which is tomorrow, ahhh!) however I think because it’s so soon and it’s stressing everyone out, i feel it needs to be brought up again!

Please please please remember how hard you worked through the exams and how much effort you put in to do well! I recall going to most revision sessions, studying hard at home and giving my own time to get help and support from teachers! Now that is commitment! So please when you open your results and look at whether or not you’ve got what you wanted, don’t forget about how you couldn’t of tried anymore or done anything more to succeed!

I have every faith in each and every one of you who goes in tomorrow to get an envelop that means so much!! Although it’s important, it WILL NOT define you. You will go in and come back out the same amazing person you were before! YOU are what’s going to go out into the world and meet new people, venture into new adventures and live your life! It will be your personality that will win the interviewer over and your beauty that will brighten up the world! Not some grades that fit on a piece of paper! Don’t get me wrong, your grades will be important! College needs them and so do you after how hard you worked for them, but they aren’t as important as the school and people make out! I believe that you can still go out into the world and win everyone over, with the person YOU are and the qualities YOU have to offer!

Due to not doing much today, it always gets me thinking! The thing that was on my mind was how hard our parents work for us and how much they sacrifice and we don’t always appreciate that! Money can often be an issue and as more things are needed to purchase, the harder it is to buy it all! I feel like we should really remind our parents of how lucky we are to have them and thank them unconditionally of what they do to make us happy! I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to everything my parents have done for me! I know it can’t always be easy, but they do it anyway to make me smile! And I am so grateful for that! THANK YOU! I wish to return the favour when i’m older and hopefully successful! (Imagine if this blog really goes somewhere and I get successful or I decide to write a book and it gets published! You never know eh!)

I also realised that it’s better to have a few friends who are immensely true and loyal than to have a whole group of people who are fake and two faced. When you leave school, the friends tend to drop like flies and you are left with a few who are definite keepers! When you have a friend who is kind, caring, will do anything for you and will catch you when you fall, they are ones that you need to cherise! I’ve finally learnt that!

Now before I go, please keep in mind that if you are healthy, you have a roof over your head and 3 meals a day, that is something you should smile about and be positive for! There will be some people out there who would do anything for that so try and be thankful for what you have!

Keep smiling beautiful people

Until next time,


Journeys are ahead! 

Hello everyone! As I usually say, I hope your day has been memory filling and meaningful and that you are all smiling today! They say that the most beautiful thing a person can wear is their smile! 

If anyone is on holiday at the moment (Firstly I hate you! No I’m joking!! And secondly, you don’t realise how lucky you are!!) I would love any other weather than Britains right now! 

Now there is something that I’ve been realising a lot lately and I expect it’s happening to lots of others too as new chapters are beginning! The thing I want to talk about is: Change.

That is because I have just finished school and when this happens, lots of things change which you may or may not particularly be happy about however, it does happen without your control.

One of the things that tends to happen is that you loose touch with a lot of people! I’m finding that now, even though I’ve only just left! Don’t get me wrong, it is absolutely horrible! I’ve felt quite lost this summer holiday as I’ve not necessarily known who is and isn’t my friend anymore! Many people take different paths and go their own way and sometimes, you aernt always on that same journey but It is okay to stray away from the path.

A lot of people find themselves after school and change to become what they feel is their true self. I remember having a lot of friends at school that I always met up with and created memories with and by leaving school, it all changed dramatically! You need to remember that things may happen for a reason and it is all out of your control. I believe that you are destined for a journey and some people, aernt meant to go where you are going.

I actually can’t wait to begin college because I’m looking forward to meeting new people! This is probably because I am quite an outgoing and confident person who loves to make new friends! They say the people you meet at college can end up being life long friends! I’ve felt very confused this holidays, trying to find myself and who really is my friend and I think I can now confidently say who actually is a real friend that I’ll make an effort to stay in contact with! 

Leaving school is a massive step, taking you out to the big wide world and although it’s very terrifying, it’s so exciting too!! You have just finished one chapter of your life and you are starting up a different one! With different people and surroundings! This can also apply to changing jobs or moving or going travelling! All of this is a journey you go on and I think it’s something we should all embrace and believe there’s a reason for what’s happening! 

I just wanted to talk about that tonight as change can sometimes be good and in my case, I think it is!

Again, please let me know if you have anything you want me to talk about! I’d love to have your input into this! 

Thank you so much for reading (I hope you go away thinking “yeah I’ll read that again” and not yawning hysterically to yourself!!) 

Until next time,