Why not give someone some support? 

Hello guys! How are you all feeling? Good I’m guessing? I really hope that your life is taking its course and you’re satisfied with how it’s going! Most of all, I hope you’re happy 

Now let’s talk about giving support to those who need it! For example, I like to support friends who may need it! That can be by a chat, a hug or just somebody to listen! I also want to support those who are doing something they love! I hope it’s going well for you, I honestly do! Are you doing a blog? YouTube? Painting? And how is it going for you? Keep at it and enjoy it! I fully support something that makes you happy!

There is a friend of mine who has started YouTube and I try my best to watch all her videos to show my support for her! I love what she does! That’s because it’s something that makes her happy! Also, as a viewer I get something from it! 

Do you draw? Do you teach some sort of class? Or do you simply do a hobby that makes you feel great? GOOD! I’m glad! You should always do things that makes you feel good and achieve the things that you strive to do! Keep at it! It’s your life and it obviously makes you happy! 

I also have a real passion for Drama! I’ve been in many shows and it really makes me feel like I belong! I hope you’re doing something that makes you feel this way! It’s the best feeling!! 

All some people need is an acceptance, or giving support to someone that may want it! There will be people that may not like what you do however at the end of the day, you do what makes you happy! 

I like to think that I’m here for anyone that needs it! Everybody deserves to be happy, doing something they love and really living their life! 

I hope your day has been good and that you’ve been surrounded by amazing people with amazing things! It can really rub off on you!

I better go! I need sleep!! (Like seriously, college is good!! But so tiring!) 

Keep smiling beautiful people and, never let anyone stand in the way of your dreams! It’s all in your reach! 

Until next time,


Ending the expectations!!

Hello my lovely people!! And how are you all today? Great I hope? How was your Monday? (Apart from kinda falling asleep and feeling extremely tired, I hope it was good!!) 

Now let’s talk about the expectations that are assumed of us! For example, to HAVE to be above average at school or some being convinced that you’re going to fail. Let’s cut ties with these assumptions and do whatever we want! Whatever makes us happy!! 

Have you ever been at school and a teacher has said that you’re going to achieve an A, so it feels like so much pressure to do so! You feel as though you have so much to prove and loads to make proud! But please, just do YOUR best and assure yourself that that’s all you can do!! You need to be happy and know that hard work and effort will be the thing that make people (especially yourself) proud! 

What other expectations are there that you’ve come across?? The assumption that you should be “skinny” or that you should follow in a family members footsteps? What if you don’t want that? Guys, that’s absolutely fine! This is because your life will go down any path you wish to go down! Do whatever YOU want, whatever makes YOU happy! Please, work to impress yourself, not others! Stay beautiful because we all have it!! 

The thing that is the strangest thing is the picture in our head of how things are supposed to be! We expect too much and get disappointed when it doesn’t go to plan! That’s why we should be spontaneous and simply see how things go! That way, things can be a surprise and we don’t get our hopes up! For instance, if someone is talking to someone they may learn to like, they should not imagine what may or may not happen or what to expect….but should live in the moment, without making any promises and just see how things pan out! That’s the best way! 

Have you ever just assumed that somebody is alright, trying not to interfere however that individual may be crushed inside. Some people just expect others to be “fine”. But why don’t we keep in mind that some could be fighting a battle we had no idea about? And some people won’t want to open up so a hug, a bit of reassurance or even somebody to listen is what can really help a person! Offer that and you won’t even know how much that could help! 

Act without expectation. Don’t let your happiness depend on expectation. Live for the moment, try not to overthink something and be happy! Life’s too short to be wasting time on something that doesn’t really matter. 

Let me tell you a secret? The secret of happiness is low expectations! 

Now I better go! A friend is waiting for my amazing company! (Pift I’m joking!)

Until next time,


Friendships are beautiful!

Hello lovely people! I hope you guys are feeling lovely and happy! You deserve to only feel the best!

I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted recently! Things have been getting so busy with college so sadly I’ve not had the time! (I have time for you now though so that’s all that matters! I missed you!)

Now I’ve been finding it so difficult on what topic to write about but I’ve been thinking a lot about friendships and how that can be such a blessing when you really take notice of it!

Do you have many friendships? If so, what are they like? I think they’re beautiful! This is because when all things seem bad and the light seems to be fading, your friends are the ones who act as the sunlight peeking through! When your mind is all over the place and you feel so isolated and disconnected, your friends are the ones who remind you that you are adored, you are loved and you are worth it! They are the ones that get that gorgeous smile back on that face of yours! (It shouldn’t even leave!)

Friends are like stars. They may not always be there and they come and go but the ones that stay are the ones that glow! I bet if you needed some support, those friends would be there to give it to you in a flash!

“My love’s like a star yeah you can’t always see it but you know that i’m always there!” This is from a song that Demi Lovato sings about her love for something, and how it’s always going to be there! That can be applied to friendships and how some people love and adore you! It would be wise to keep that in mind when you’re feeling alone or sad.

I’m adjusting to a new environment with different people! There’s so many of my friends that went to different sixth forms or colleges and that can be hard because you go from seeing them every day, to not at all and that is a challenge. I bet there are others that can relate to this but remember, you can’t always see all the stars but they are there, ready with support and love…just like your friends! It only takes a text or a phone call to get back in touch! Why not arrange to see them? Because best friends make the bad times good and the good times unforgettable!

Did you know that it’s good to laugh? That’s because it reduces heart disease, it’s a natural pain killer, Improves your breathing, Helps you to loose weight, Gives good sleep, Decreases stress, Makes you loose younger and it boosts relationships! Surely that means that you should laugh at every opportunity? (I love laughing!!)

Did you also know that you’ve got 5 fingers for a reason? The thumb to show the world you’re going to be okay, The second finger to pick out your dearest friends, The middle to show the ones who try to knock you down that you’re indestructible, The fourth finger to give to the right guy (When the time is right) and the pinky finger for the true friends who never break those promises or share those secrets!

Be that type of friend that would do anything for another person, Who would answer a call at 3am, Who would give another a shoulder to cry on and will be there to catch another when they fall! I strive to do this because, well it’s just a good thing to do in order to be a great friend!

Girls can survive without a boyfriend/girlfriend, however it is essential to have good friends!

I take pleasure in helping as many people as I can! When a person just simply needs somebody to listen or give advice, I try and be that individual that can help make a difference in how somebody is feeling! We all need to feel our best because… well we are great right?

Now I better go! College awaits tomorrow! (And I’ve got a test ahh wish me luck!)

You’re all beautiful and you’re worth it! Please understand how spectacular you are! I’m always here if you need someone! You never need to feel alone!

Lots of love and until next time,


Don’t use makeup as a mask!

Ah bonjour my lovely people! 

How are you? Having a good day? I hope so! You all deserve to have a day to remember! 

Now I’m still ill sadly meaning I had to miss a day of college (But me being me meant I finished all the work already and I’m not behind) sometimes when you’re ill, you just need a bit of time to relax and recover! There’s nothing wrong with that now is there?

I also had a tutor evening tonight and I went to go out and have some fresh air and linking back to the title of this blog post, I went out with no makeup on. Now thats something that seems to be rare now, but why should it be when we’re all beautiful? 

I think that more people need to find the confidence to go out with no makeup and feel great, because I did and it shows your natural beauty! You should try it sometime! 

I know that society persistently encourages us to mask ourselves in makeup and not go out without it! (Don’t get me wrong, makeup is absolutely fine…but why should we become physically dependent on it when we can go out and show off our gorgeousness! (Is that even a word??) 

I think that so many people who go out and wear no makeup feel insecure and unusual but we should be happy to go out being ourselves because we’re still the same amazing people, either way! 

Mascara, foundation, blusher, eyeliner, lipstick….you are still beautiful without any of these things! Beauty isn’t makeup…you are! Please try and grasp some confidence to really embrace when you decide to wear no makeup! 

Did you know that a smile is the best makeup a person can wear? I want to challenge society and how it seems “normal” to constantly wear makeup! Why can’t that change? 

Did you also know that you’re as beautiful without makeup as you are with it? Try and have those days where you take all those products off and go out there to really show off that natural beauty! You’ve certainly got it! 

Makeup isn’t everything! We need those days where we can be natural yet beautiful and happy whilst feeling great! Please, don’t follow society and try it! I bet you’ll get a lot of good feedback!

I hope this can be reflected upon and that you enjoyed it! I’m so happy for your support! You’re all simply smashing!!

Until next time,


Missing the memories

Hello people! How are you all doing? Good I hope? Now has your Monday been a good one? Or as good as it can be? I hope so!! 

Sadly I’m still ill which means that I’m really not myself! It’s horrible but I’ll be better before I know it! Staying positive and doing all the right things are what you need to do! 

Now who looks back on memories and reminisces like soooo much? We’ve all looked at photos and wondered why things have changed so much haven’t we? We question why people have changed and we kinda miss how our lives used to be! Remember, memories never die! 

I’m forever looking at pictures of people who used to mean the world to me and how they don’t even talk to me anymore! I believe that it’s all about fate. This is where we are all on a path, destined to go to a specific destination and some people just aren’t meant to be on that path, they aren’t destined to be in your life anymore so they’ve been removed! You may have no idea why in the short term but as time goes on…it becomes clear and you stop feeling confused. Believe that it’s for the best because, everything happens for a reason! 

I think that memories are a great thing. This is because in that moment, nothing had changed and people were still the same in that photo or video. You think back to how happy you were in that moment and how the people there with you were absolutely perfect in that perfect memory. Although people change, memories don’t. They’ll forever be a thing to treasure.

They say that sometines you won’t know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. That’s why we should really live in the moment and never waste a single second. Although time is beautiful, it’s precious! So please, don’t take it for granted! 

Sometimes you miss the memories, not the person. I really think this can apply to me because I’ve had amazing experiences that I look back on and I may not necessarily miss the person I spent it with, but that time may be something you wish you could go back in time to feel again! 

So all the lovely people I’ve made memories with, thank you! The photos or videos or whatever holds the memory, will be something you can cling onto and smile at when you decide to reminisce.

So when you’re having an amazing time, doing something you love with the people you love, capture it! Remember it! It’ll be a lovely thing to look back on when you’re old! 

No matter what happens, memories never fade and memories can never be replaced! It’ll be something nobody can take away from you! 

I better go and rest! (The more I relax, the faster my illness will go and I can be the usual Asha again!! Go me!!) 

Until next time,


You come first!

Hello beautiful people!! Now how’s everyone’s Sunday going?? Good, I hope? They are supposed to be all lazy and unproductive so I bet you’ve done just that?

Sadly I’ve been ill today which means that I’ve had to cancel plans with a lovely individual which is very annoying but it’s better to make sure your health is in tact before you proceed with plans!! Remember…YOU COME FIRST!

I bet you’ve been under the weather before and you’ve had plans but you’ve just had to cancel them due to feeling THAT bad?? We’ve all had it and it is soooo inconvenient! But wouldn’t you rather rest and be on the road to getting better, rather than going out and probably making yourself worse? You have all the time in the world to rearrange plans for when you’re better and therefore be more up for it! 

It’s completely normal to become ill  so when you are, you really should follow the tips to getting better! That would be resting! (Like honestly that’s the most obvious yet best thing to do! That will help you be yourself again before you even know it!) Keeping hydrated is also a must must must! That’s because your body is being provided with fluids to help you recover and wash out all the nasty things, meaning you can start to feel better! Relaxing is something that’ll really contribute to you and your health! This may sound like resting but by relaxing, I mean taking a hot bait or a shower, moisturising your beautiful body and making you feel a lot better in yourself! Trust me, it’s worth it!! (God that sounds so much like a slogan for a TV advert, that’s not what I’m going for don’t you worry!) also taking medication for example paracetomal will make a difference!! Please please try to help yourself when you’re unwell and you’ll really see some progress! 

So when you become unwell and that makes you feel bored, low and that you can’t continue your plans or your normal routine, take time to realise that YOU are all that matters and therefore you need to take care of your body! If you do all the right things, you’ll start to feel better in no time!! As they say “Your body is a temple! Care for it and respect it!” 

Now I better go and take my own advice and rest myself! I hope you’re having a lovely evening and go on to have a lovely Monday! (It’s a lot better if you have a positive attitude!!) 

You’ve all been a pleasure, as always and I’ll speak to you all soon!! (Don’t miss me too much though alright?? I joke I joke!) 

Until next time,


Love can lie!

Hello my lovelies! How are you people doing? I trust you are healthy and happy and that you’ve had a good Friday!! (Because that’s what it’s all about! Isn’t it?)

Now a friend gave me a very interesting topic indeed to write about! And that is love that can turn out to be fake…

Now who has spoken to someone and thought that they could actually be the one? You talk for a certain amount of time and from a women’s perspective, he seems kind and lovely and you are led to believe that they could actually be interested in you? Like as a person? Therefore you get your hopes up and imagine how it it’s all going to be and how happy you’re going to be! You assume that they are genuinely into you, and it makes you feel on top of the world! Only then to discover that you are just “One of those girls” who’s not as special as you thought you were.

Now I think this happens now too much. This is because a lot of people turn out to be “players” and that you really regret getting your hopes up and developing feelings. I’ve been through this soooo much so I feel this should be spoken about more!

Why don’t all of us try to be careful when speaking to someone until it’s long enough to discover exactly what they’re like? Try and speak to someone for a while, for example a couple of weeks or months to find out the real them! Some people tend to put up a barrier when talking to people to make sure they don’t get hurt. They also tend to not get their hopes up because they’ve dealt with “False love” before!

Just remember that if something’s meant to be, it will be! We should try not to wait for someone and instead simply stop looking! They say that if you stop searching, the right one will come for the right you! So please, hold out and work towards being a better you!

I believe that we’ll all find someone in our life! I need to remember that i’m only young and right now, I should be focusing on working on myself, Being the best friend I can be and doing the best for my college! When fate is ready to give me the right human being, I will be ready! Just look it at that way and recall the fact that we don’t always need someone to complete us! We can do that all by ourselves!

“Trust your intuition. You don’t need to justify or explain your feelings to anyone, just trust your own inner guidance because it knows best”

Now I best be off, but go on to have a lovely evening and a smashing weekend okay!!

Until next time,


No pain, no gain!!

Bonjour my lovely earthlings! (I’m so sorry, I’m in a particularly great mood therefore that’s the reason for my weirdness! Please excuse me!) 

Now how are all you doing? Still smiling I hope! Come on, it looks great on you!! I was smiling so much today that I think it rubbed off on a few people which is obviously fab! Go me and my positivity eh!! 

Now who feels that without pain, there’s no gain? I think this expression can apply in many different situations! That can be exercising, working towards a goal, school/college/uni work or exams and although that can get really really tough, we still battle through because we like what we see at the end of the tunnel!!

I think this applies with work for example! When the workload piles up and you feel as if it’s getting on top of you, you stay organised and get it all done because the achievement at the end is simply great! It leads to your exams which you revise for and therefore do great in and that can make your future bright and beautiful! That’s what you work for, even if the process to get there is a little rough! 

That can also be with exercising! You’re on the treadmill for example and it hurts and it’s getting difficult but you think of your aim and what you wish to get out of it and that’s why you carry on! Just think of the end result and how it’ll be completely worth it! 

See what you can get from this! I hope that you persevere because it will all work out eventually! Dont give up!! If opportunity doesn’t knock…build a door! 

The pain

Will be worth it 

And the result 

Will be worth it 

Because you’re great

And you can achieve anything you want 

With the help of fate 

And that if you just wait 

The hard work and effort will pay off 

Don’t you worry 

It’ll all work out fine 

Because I believe it will be just the right time 

To feel absolutely accomplished

Don’t stop when it hurts! Stop when it’s done! 

Imagine pain as fuel! Something that’s essential and feeding your determination!! 

If nobody thinks you can do it, isn’t that more of a reason to keep going? 

Positive mind! Positive vibes! Positive life! 

Every day, do something that wil inch you closer to a better tomorrow! You’ll be one step closer! 

Remember people, you shouldn’t give up! Fight for yourself and who you are. You’ve got to get through the worst times in life to get the best! 

Right I better go! You’re probably busy and therefore need to get on! (But to those that are like “Damn please stay…I’ll be back soon don’t you worry!!) 

I love you all and thank you!! I’ve finally got to 2000 views and I’m like so happy about that!! 

Until next time,


Speaking the mind!

Hello everyone! I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted much recently! College has been pretty hectic and I’ve only just got home from Maths!

Now how’s your last few days been? I hope it was great and memorable and lush! Oh yeah just like you then!!

Now I couldn’t think of what kind of topic to write tonight so I thought i’d just speak my mind!

Have you ever told someone something in confidence and things just go downhill? I feel like we need to be careful as to what we say to people and how we react to the situation! For example, if someone tells someone else and that obviously upsets,angers you…you need to try and let go of all that energy and realise that you can’t always trust everyone out there! Things do get better, it’s not the end of the world and the right person will do the right thing and stay loyal to you! Just recognise the right people to do that!

Have you also felt as if you’re trying to rush your love life a bit too much? As if you feel lonely therefore you try and speed up finding someone? I think that we need to try and reduce doing this because we can complete ourselves! We can be the perfect individuals for ourselves to be the missing puzzle piece! It’s not always down to someone else! Friends are also great! Being surrounded by amazing people who provide laughter and terrific company is really all that we need sometimes! For example, I’m single and get lonely from time to time (Which I bet a lot of us do, right?) But having just amazing people around me who make me laugh, fill the emptiness with love and help me to realise that I am complete, really! I know that ill find someone eventually, that right person just needs to come along and that’s absolutely fine because right now, i’m all I need! Maybe you is all you need?

Now I’ve seen a lot of people feeling quite self conscious recently with their clothing choice however, if you feel comfortable in it and yourself…why should you feel uncomfortable?? (If you get what i’m trying to say!) Everyone is free to wear whatever they choice and therefore us people shouldn’t judge that! Everyone is free to make their own decisions and we should try to be positive in this!

I know this is another short blog post, it’s just things are so busy right now and i’m starting at 9 tomorrow! (Ouch like I can’t even cope with that anymore.)

I really hope your days go on to be simply splendid (ooh get me being all posh!) and hey, keep smiling beautiful people! It looks good on you!

“Nothing is more beautiful than a smile that’s struggled through tears” (Guys this is so lovely if you’ve been through It! Please stay positive!)

Until next time my lovelies!


Embrace your gift!

Hello everyone! I’m so sorry that this particular post is late! I hope you’ll all forgive me! (Please! I can’t cope without all you great set of humans!) 

Now how was your day? And how many people were panicking and turning frantic due to the rain? (I bet so many people had done their hair all pretty and the inconvenience of the rain ruined it! Am I right?) whatever you did, it hope it was a great Monday! Live every moment as it comes! Time is precious people! 

Now here’s a piece I wrote just now to get you all thinking! 

“Imagine if you met your future self? What do you think they’d tell you? That you’ve done so many achievements? That you’ve saved a life? That you’ve travelled and really lived your life? Just think about all the spectacular things they’d say and how much your self worth will increase! You’ve got such an amazing future! Does it just take someone to tell you that in order to believe it? The world is your oyster and you’re just finding yourself right now. Your future self will be great. You’ll be great! Please, just think about it.”

Now, what did you think of that? The message I was trying to send is that you can be anything you want! You want to be a doctor? You go out there and be a doctor! You want to go into retail? Get out there and get involved! You want to go into politics? Then go out there and make yourself proud! Whatever gift you hold, whether that’s being artistic, creative or sporty etc, embrace it!! You, as an individual have an amazing gift and it’s you that can go out there and show the world what you can do!! What have you got to loose?

For example, I really enjoy writing and creating poems, stories and articles therefore i am looking forward to showing this world what I’m capable of! I enter as many competitions as I can and I write as a way of releasing stress! It’s very therapeutic for me! Why don’t you pur your gift to good use and show us what you’ve got? I would love to know what gift you possess!! 

I know some posts have been quite short recently but that’s just because of starting college therefore it can be pretty time consuming! When I do have time, I like to write lovely long ones for you lovelies to read!! (Just bear that in mind!) 

You’ve all been a pleasure as always!! I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow Don’t count the days, make the day count! You are all wonderful people with wonderful gifts!

Until next time,