It’s okay to let go 

Ello ello ello! Now how are you beautiful humans doing? I hope you’ve smiled and laughed and gone to bed happy and satisfied! Life is a lot better when you wear such a stunning smile! 

I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted in a couple of days! College can be quite challenging and that’s why I’m glad we’re on half term! I’m actually so busy this holiday though so I’m not exactly resting! Oh well! 

Now there’s something I really really want to talk about and that is letting go. I’m sure a lot of us have been in that position where we struggle to just let go, move on and start the next chapter of their lives. Although I know how unbelievably hard it is to let go, it’s possible I promise! 

I remember a few years ago, I was in a relationship with somebody who was like my first love so when they broke up with me, I was a state. And I know that there’s crying, overthinking and blaming involved when something like this happens…but who’s to say that we can transfer that into smiling, having a clear head and realising that things may just happen for a reason.

I watched a film a while ago and the male character was struggling with a break up and the fact she had moved away and so he saw a counsellor. The counsellor had some good advice and that was that time helps. And although it’s hard and painful, it does help and it does work. It’s normal to be upset and to react negatively right after it happens but why don’t we get up, brush ourselves off, wipes our eyes and smile. We smile because we realise that things will get better and things will/can look brighter, only if you let the sun in. 

I believe that we are all destined to fall in love and meet our soul mate out there in the big wide world. Wherever they are and with whatever they are doing, I believe we all have one therefore we need to just wait until that other half enters our life. “You Gotta kiss a few frogs before you meet your Prince Charming/princess!” 

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy but I am saying it will be worth it! We just need to remember that we have all our lives to find someone who makes us unconditionally happy and forever in love. I feel like I will meet mine in the future, and that’s it’s alright to not have that someone right now! I believe that being single, therefore independent is exactly what I need right now! I am proud to be independent! 

Now I’ve had a few exciting days! I met Lauren Aquilina last night at her concert and she was a pleasure to go see, once again! I remember seeing her two years ago and she was amazing, as was she again last night! Her music really helps me to say what I find hard to voice! Her music is so relatable and speaks the truth! She is such a talented, inspirational young lady who should be proud of what she has achieved! (Plus she loves bourbons so she’s ticking all the boxes really!) 

Now, I better go as I need to be up early tomorrow for Thorpe park! I hope this has helped you in some way and that you are feeling particularly happy! “Letting go is hard, but holding on is harder” 

Keep smiling you stunning lot! 

Until next time, 

Asha I

How about Halloween then?

Hello lovely ones! How’s your day been? Good? (I hope!) smiles and laughter are what today should of consisted of! It’s what gets me through the day, keeping positive! 

Now who’s looking forward to Halloween? Do you have any plans? Are you the type to be having a quiet night in? Or trick or treating with the cool costumes or are you a party type of person? I think I can vary really! 

I’m so excited to be going to the Thorpe Park Fright Night as people have said in the past that it is so good and a great experience and plus, many of my friends are going so…why not eh?

I was also upset to realise I was initially doing nothing for Halloween until my friend suggested a horror movie evening (um yes please! I love horror films!!) so I’m happy to have plans! Why don’t you arrange something to make it memorable? (You won’t regret it unless of course you like things to be relaxed and to not have much going on!) 

I also love the Disneychannel films that are on around Halloween! For example, Halloweentown..twitches! I’m a sucker for those types of films! I will never grow old of such great creations! (Thank you creators! Um whoever you are!) 

I also used to be so fascinated about how they said ghosts, witches or supernatural things would come out on Halloween and could be themselves! Imagine how cool that would be yet we could be so oblivious! 

Who likes to dress up? I remember in the past I’ve been a witch, a cat, a Greek goddess and a gangster in the 1950’s! What such interesting costumes! I love really going all out to do something at Halloween! It makes such great memories! 

So I love every single aspect of Halloween! That is pumpkins (like how fun are they to carve?!), dressing up, putting up the decorations and most importantly…the treats! (Sweets and chocolates yum!) 

I have a funny anecdote to tell now! Last year I had a Halloween party and I went all out! The glow sticks, food, movies and Steve the skeleton! (He was my all time favourite!) and us friends decided to play hide and seek! As everyone hid, me and my mum came up with the idea to turn the lights on in my brothers room (who wasn’t there as everyone knew so that made it ever so funnier) and we used sound effects of screaming people to make some kind of atmosphere! Oh and we used Steve to put under the covers so it looked like someone was under the bed! God it was hilarious to watch! I don’t know how my mum kept a straight face! You should of seen people’s reactions! Now this is an example of a great memory! 

Do you have any great stories to tell? If so, I’d love to hear them! Why don’t you enjoy the great (but okay kinda scary) things that Halloween brings! Make every second count and enjoy every opportunity given to you! 

Now I better go to sleep but remember, Halloween only comes once a year so take awareness of that! Keep smiling beautiful ones and thank you for reading! 

Until next time


Suffragettes, THANK YOU.

Good evening ladies, good evening gents. Now how are you all feeling today? Has your weekend been going good already? Has anything productive happened? Well whatever you’ve done, I hope it has made you smile.

I went to the Odeon tonight to watch “Suffragettes” and what I expected the film to be and how it actually was, was such a difference! The film sent thought provoking messages along with a heck of a load of emotions! The fight to equality really made you realise how grateful you are for the little things such as the right to vote. No wonder it’s so popular!

Now do we really understand how much pain and grief the individuals of this time had to go through to get equality? Are we sure on how many cuts, bruises and tears these people received?

I was shocked to find out on how many men, especially police officers hurt and abused the women who fought for justice. It was so frustrating to see on how hard they tried and how miserably they tended to fail. Men, as a whole didn’t seem to listen, or help the women achieve something we take for granted today! We look at it as such a small aspect of our lives, however back then that WAS their life. They went through extreme lengths in order to get us the vote and the same rights as men, and I just want to say..Thank you.

It’s so sad to think about how many people lost their lives, therefore becoming a martyr or who were hurt and tortured for fighting for something that meant so much! I think that the women should of been given a chance sooner, they worked so hard and didn’t give up. We need to take that message on board. Perseverance, Passion and Sacrifice was what all these amazing people shone with! These people made us who we are today and helped enable us to have these amazing opportunities! I am so thankful for that.

Looking at some individuals now. Emily Davidson for example, who threw herself under a horse, becoming a martyr for the Suffragettes movement. By doing this, her story travelled all around the world and contributed massively to get the attention of the government! A beautiful life was lost that day, and this world lost a brave, loyal, amazing woman. Gone, but never forgotten.

We can’t forget the leader of the Suffragettes, Emmeline Parkhurst and how she fought so hard for so long to achieve equality and freedom. She helped a lot of the other members to find motivation when they most needed it and also inspiring words to help them remember what they are fighting for! “We are here, not because we are law-breakers; we are here in our efforts to become law-makers.” They changed the world, and they changed the way women were made to live. This was to obide by their husbands, brothers and fathers. I am so proud of the work they did in order to have power and their own identity. I am proud to be a women.

I am even so happy to be given an education. This will help me to hopefully achieve my dream career and that is to become a journalist. Without the Suffragettes, having this plan would not be possible and I wouldn’t necessarily be able to do this type of job. I am so glad to have my freedom and my rights.

Did you know?

-Helen Pankhurst, the great-granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst, and her daughter Laura have small roles in the film.

-This was the first film that was allowed to be shot in the British Houses of Parliament since the 1950s.

Blood, pain and sweat went into a women’s life when they were a Suffragette. Men would hardly respect or care for women and throughout all that, they dealt with it as they looked to the possibility of freedom! And by not giving in, their dream came true!

Breaking windows, chaining themselves to railings, being sent to prison and there going on a hunger strike, protests, fires and severe but needed actions all led to the happiness they received to become equal. I fully support all they did and I am so grateful to every single person who helped towards the breakthrough!


“Why is a woman to be treated differently? Woman suffrage will succeed, despite this miserable guerilla opposition.”
Victoria Claflin Woodhull

“I thought I had been a suffragist before I became a Poor Law Guardian, but now I began to think about the vote in women’s hands not only as a right but as a desperate necessity.”
Emmeline Pankhurst, Sufragette: My Own Story      

You must make women count as much as men; you must have an equal standard of morals; and the only way to enforce that is through giving women political powers so that you can get that equal moral standard registered in the laws of the country. It is the only way. Emmeline Pankhurst

Independence is happiness. – Susan B. Anthony
1)Women did not get the vote on the same terms as men in 1918 (They didn’t actually get the same terms as man until 1928! A decade later!)
2)Suffragettes were accused of being ‘unladylike’ and ‘unnatural’
3)Not all suffragists were women! (Keir Hardie MP regularly raised questions in the House of Commons, and George Lansbury MP resigned his seat over the issue. Lansbury was also arrested at a suffrage rally in 1913 after speaking in support of the campaign of arson attacks.)
4)Force-feeding was a serious problem. (The force-feeding of hunger-striking suffragettes was invasive, demeaning, and dangerous, and in some instances it damaged the long-term health of the victims. It should also be remembered that women were given disproportionately long sentences for minor offences such as protesting, resisting arrest, or smashing a window.)
To sum up, We should never forget the work of the Suffragettes and be thankful of what we can do now, thanks to them! Brave, passionate, spectacular and inspiring is what comes to mind when I think of a Suffragette!
Keep them in mind when thinking of your education, career options or even your daily rights that you are entitled to!
Goodnight my lovely people! Keep those gorgeous smiles on your faces and hey, don’t stop being great!
Until next time,

Take a step out of your comfort zone!

Hello lovely people! Now how are you doing? Well I hope! I’ve kept a smile on my face and kept positive! Have you? It looks great on you ya know! 

Now who wants to do something, like a club for example but feels scared to give it a go? I think that the best thing to do is take a foot out of your comfort zone to try something new! 

I have just signed up for the College newspaper although I have 4 A levels and maths and that can be pretty stressful, if you choose to have that perspective! I think that it’s simply a challenge and something that can really benefit me in the long run! For some people like me, a lot of things going on can motivate me! So why not try something exciting? (What do you have to loose?)

I also know of some people who want to travel, which is another example but they feel scared! Instead of focusing on the nerves and fear, look to the excitement and how it’s an amazing opportunity! It’s an open door…but will you walk through it? 

Another example is meeting new people! Some people struggle to do so which is completely understandable but remember, people don’t bite! Although I was excited to meet new people, I was also incredibly nervous! Now that I’ve introduced myself to a group and they’ve got to know me, I feel like I can have the potential to fit in! It really helps to put yourself out there and trust me, it gives you the best possible feeling! People are great! 

I’ve also volunteered to go for an editor in the College newspaper where I am going to write 3 articles! One which is about a man who self published a book! (Amazing or what?!), The pantomime that I am involved with in my Performimg Arts (Sleeping beauty! Come see it!) and lastly, my own piece of work! It’s a great opportunity that I chose to grab with two hands! Why not do the same with something that makes you happy? It’ll be worth it! 

Now, keep smiling beautiful people and hey, look out for the great things that are open for you to do!

Until next time, 


Ignore the ignorance

Hello people! Now how are you? Feeling particularly happy? (I hope so) 

Now I also hope your day was good! A perfect day for a perfect you is always the way to do it! 

Now who has lost someone due to things changing? For example, moving from school to college? I think that a lot of people have lost others and although it can be absolutely horrible (like seriously, it is) i believe it is for a reason! It may not be clear to begin with, but I think that you find out in the long term! 

Some ignorance can occur in your life from people and you can feel as though it brings you down! Although it may mean a lot to you, have you ever considered that you might be fighting a loosing battle? I feel like I believe something will happen or things will change so therefore you have hope! But I may need to realise that some people simply change and those type of people can impact negatively in your life…why put up with that when you have the power to be absolutely happy? 

It can be hard to let go, but not everyone you loose is a loss. 

Until next time,


Stop social comparison! 

Hello my lovely ones! How are you all doing today? I bet you’re happy that it’s the weekend! I’m so looking forward to sleeping! (Well, and studying but let’s not talk about that!) 

I hope you’ve smiled at least once today, like really smiled and that you’ve laughed! It’s amazing to be surrounded by spectacular people! Make that happen! 

Now I’ve been requested to look into the subject of “Social comparison”. What is that may you ask? It is:

Social comparison: A process by which we determine our own social and personal worth based on how we measure up against others. Social comparison is a natural human behavior that helps us fit in with society, evaluate our successes and failures and follow social norms.

Now who has or who currently does, look at a person and think that they are worth so much more than yourself? Who has felt quite inferior when comparing oneself to another? And who has felt like they don’t fit in with what others are into? 

Now I am here to tell you this. Did you know that we are all perfectly unique and beautifully original? So what if you are not into the “Inde” kind of look or you see a pretty person and so immediately assume you’re not? I think that we should try and stop comparing ourselvesto another when its concerning looks, the fashion, the music etc! Cut ties with social comparison! 

Who has looked at someone’s success, for example a publication and then you have convinced yourself that you can’t amount to anything like that? I ask you this…why not? We are all capable of anything we want! Go for it! You are good enough, I promise! 

I find that a lot of people have gone with a certain trend, which is absolutely okay! (You go glen coco!) but some other people may feel less good about themselves, as they don’t necessarily dress that way or do those types of things! Why can’t we all do our own thing? Don’t they say not to follow like a sheep? But to walk independently!! (Like a ….ummm…umm I’ll have a think!) 

People also tend to look at each other and feel a bit low as they don’t possess something that another has, such as being thin! Why should we all be the same? That’s boring! Strive to be one of a kind!! That’s the way to do it! 

So when we next see someone and our mind starts to piece together social comparison, why don’t we think “Wait a minute, I am unique, and I am beautiful just the way I am!” Therefore we can feel amazingly gorgeous in our lovely selves? (We should try this!) 

Now I better be off, writing a post really late is great when the ideas are fresh in your mind, but a bit of a inconvenience when it’s past midnight! 

I hope you’ve all taken something from this post and you go on to have a perfect weekend for a perfect you! Oh and remember to smile!

Until next time 


Don’t give up! You hear me!

Hello lovely people! Now how are you on this fine day? I really hope you have smiled/laughed or said something positive today! That makes such a great day that little bit better!

Now I have been requested to write something about perseverance and how you should never give up! I know somebody who is going through a tough time at the moment, and they are being given every opportunity to give up and become negative, however I am here to try and convince you to get up, brush yourself off and smile! That is because you should remain positive about things, even if the little things and just look to the light! Things will get better I promise! Storms can the hard bit, but remember that a rainbow is what comes after, followed by the beautiful sunlight!

Have you ever felt low because something has happened that makes you think things will always be like this and that you should feel utterly sad? I think that when things go wrong and you feel a bit down from that situation, you should think about the positives that are still in your life! There is always going to be positives! That might be your family, or your friends, or even the sun! All these things can be reflected upon when you are feeling upset and these things can motivate you to stay strong, and wear that positive attitude of yours! (It looks good on you!)

I think at the end of the day, you need to do what makes you happy! For example, I really want to volunteer for a soup kitchen at Christmas for when I am 18, but I think my family may prefer me to be with them, however it’s something I really have a passion for, and they should support my decisions, rather than fight it! Some things you want to do may annoy/upset/trouble others, but if it makes you happy why should something else get in the way of your complete happiness?

A smile is what you should wear

So why should you care

What others think?

A positive attitude is what you should hold

Whilst being so brave and so bold

Ways to help yourself is what you should try

So don’t aim to impress others, walk with complete happiness, don’t just stand by

Show this world what you can really do

Because you are beautiful, and so unique too

I really hope tis can be reflected upon

and you know

That positivity is the key

and your great new perspective is the lock

Now why can’t we try and remain a little positive and know that things will turn out as they should! I really believe in fate and how things “happen for a reason”. This is because bad times are temporary! If things are still bad, then it’s not over. Look to how great thing will become at the end!

Have you ever heard of the moral of the tortoise and the hare? I really think that this story sends a good message! That is that perseverance and never giving up can be applied to us! When things seem bad, are you going to be the tortoise that simply doesn’t give up and actually becomes the hero of the story? This is something we should all strive to be! However when things look gloomy in the distance, just think of the end result! I promise, it will be worth it if you just believe!

Now I better go!

Again, i’m sorry for not posting daily but others things such as college just get in the way! I will post when I can! (I missed you all of course)

I hope that you enjoyed my post and that you’ve taken something from it! Please look to always smiling and always having a positive attitude! It looks great on you!

Until next time,


What does music mean to you? 

Hello you gorgeous human beings!

How are you all feeling? I hope it’s good and I hope you’ve kept that beautiful smile on your face! 

Now do you listen to music? If so, how does it make you feel? I think listening to music can act as an escape! It can be a way to freeze time or just to relax! Whatever it does, it can be an important part of your life!  

I like to listen to Demi Lovato! That’s because she is my absolute idol and I love the type of music she creates! That’s because it really speaks to me! I feel like her music can make me relate? (Do you know what I mean?) I find that she can completely change my mood! She’s a real inspiration! 

I find that a lot of artists can release themselves into their music! For example, Demi can transform her bad experiences into a stunning song that people can listen to, and really feel something! A lot of people’s music can really help others! I hope artists are aware of that?

There is so many categories with music! Some can be used to have a good time when you’re in the best mood! (Macklemore- Downtown for instance?) and then there’s those types of songs that you listen to when you’re not in the best mood maybe? I’m thinking of aspects of Demi or James Bay!

Some may argue that listening to music when you’re not feeling great can only deteriorate your mood, however I think that by listening to that type of music, it says what you are thinking and helps you to feel like someone really understands! I think that it helps!! 

“Music exists to speak the words we can’t express”- It voices what we really think deep down! 

“When you’re happy, you enjoy the music however when you’re sad, you understand the lyrics”- This is so true. That is because we really listen to every word in a song when we are trying to get something out of it, when we aren’t in the best mood! Guys, it’s okay to do this! 

“Music is what feelings sound like” I think a lot of people can express themselves and their feelings into music whilst helping others! 

So please, take advantage of what music can really do! 

I hope you’re all okay and happy! Remember, you all possess beauty!

Until next time,


Winter will be great! 

Hello you lovely bunch! Who’s excited for the weekend?? I certainly am! I hope you’re all okay and that your week has been as great as you! 

Now who’s looking forward to the winter? What is your favourite season then? Is it summer? Autumn? Spring? I think winter can be lovely! Drinking all those hot drinks, all snuggled up in those blankets and hats and scarfs! Christmas and bonfire night is also just round the corner! I think events like these can be such a blessing! Bonfire night (as I usually go with friends) can be such a great way to socialise and make great memories and Christmas can really bring a family together! I think it should be seen as such a positive thing and I really hope you are looking forward to it! Don’t waste a minute of it, time is beautifully precious!

Here’s a piece of my work that I wrote about winter! 

Winter will be great 

I just know 

That the roads and paths will be filled with beautiful snow

The blankets will be out and the kettle will be on 

With children having snowball fights 

I wonder who won?

The beautiful sky will be giving us love 

With the whole environment as the colour of a dove

Winter is really a beautiful season

Filled with very exciting things 

We should look forward to how it all turns out 

And what gorgeous aspects it brings 

I hope you are happy for the upcoming events! Or do you enjoy summer? I think the problem with me is that in summer, im too hot and in winter, I’m too cold! I’m terrible really! Can anybody relate? I think the snow (hoping to get some!) and the cold winter nights are beautiful! Really appreciate the people that you have and the things that you own! 

I’m sorry I haven’t posted daily! I’ve been so busy with college and so I won’t be able to write every day sadly! (But I will try! I promise!) 

Keep smiling beautiful ones and hey, live a little! 

Until next time,