Guess what? You survived.

Hello you lovely people! How are you feeling today? Good I hope? What’s occurred today for you that has made you smile or feel happy? (Whatever small, it still counts!) 

Now tomorrow will be our last day of 2015 and honestly, I don’t know how I feel about that! This year has brought lots of lessons, tears, love and reflection for me. Although I’ve had moments of falling and moments of doubt, at the end of the day…I have survived. And so have you.  

Now 2015 has lost me people, given me lessons and made me memories. I am going to make sure that I enter 2016 with the right people, the right attitude and with more hope and promise. There are many things that I am going to ensure happens next year. 

As I have mentioned before, there is a charity called “Off the record” that is based in Bristol which focuses on helping individuals who suffer from mental health issues or self harm and as I find this cause such an important one, I am keen to get involved next year. I will probably be visiting Bristol to help there for a while and then hopefully I can try and start something here, in my hometown. I feel like we hardly have anything here for people suffering from self harm or mental health so therefore I want to work towards setting something up here. Don’t worry my beautiful ones, you are not alone. This battle  that you are fighting does not define you. 

Unfortunately, I have lost many people this year and honestly, it has been extremely tough. You have the constant reminder of them and the memories you’ve shared and you are left empty without their presence that meant so much to you in your life. I don’t think people really understand how hard it can be to loose someone who once meant the world to you. They completely shut you out, are no longer there to make you smile or laugh, nobody to help you through your struggles. The person you maybe once loved have done what they promised they’ve never do…they hurt you and they left you. Now I am going to look at this in a positive perspective…I believe that everything happens for a reason and I also love the quote “Not everyone you loose in a loss”. Why have someone in your life that sets off negative and unnecessary energy? I believe that because each and every one of us are worth so much, we also deserve so much…so why allow someone to treat you in a way you certainly do not deserve? Each of us are worth a lot, so don’t get treated any less than that. 

There are so many people in this world that have survived poverty, natural disasters, war, mental issues and more. The thing I want to say is, I am so proud of you!! You have done so well to survive from something so draining and so hard to deal with. Walking into 2016, things may get better…just you see! There is always rain before a rainbow, it won’t last forever. 

We are all beautiful humans who possess such stunning things. I believe we all have a gift that we can give to this world. The hardest thing is finding it, then it’s all easy. Why not come into 2016 with a positive attitude and a view that maybe everything will be okay, as long as you look at it in the right way. “Help is always given at Hogwarts, to those that need it” if you feel as if you could do with some help, let the year 2016 be the year to seek some, help is there I promise. 

Now I better go, but I hope you go to bed feeling happy and hopeful for tomorrow. HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE EVERYONE! I HOPE YOU GO INTO 2016 WITH A BANG! 

SEE YOU NEXT YEAR! (Get it? Don’t worry, I’m not actually going for a year, only a day so don’t panic too much!!) 

Sending all my love, smiles and positivity. 


Giving your heart to others 

Hello everybody! How are you all doing on CHRISTMAS DAY? Have you got all that you wanted? Are you having a nice time with the people who mean a lot to you? Whatever your day has been like, I hope it’s been as lovely as you! 

Now I saw a man on my bus yesterday, and unfortunately he was blind. Although  this can be difficult to deal with,the man was as happy as can be and wished everyone a very happy Christmas. It just reminded me of how isolated we really are with other people in this world. I know we are told to be careful of strangers, shouldn’t we appreciate the amazing people that we share this world with? 

When I’m having a bad day, even a smile or a nice comment can completely transform my mood. I feel like if we did this with other people, we could contribute to making people feel a whole of a lot better. Even if you just said “Have a nice day” or if you smiled. When I got off the bus yesterday, I wished people on the bus a lovely Christmas as well as the driver. Things like this cost nothing but yet go a long way. 

When we are out and about, why not help a elderly lady cross the road? Or smile at a person who may look a bit low? By being more consciousness of other people, means that we can help others to feel as happy as we hopefully do. 

“I would rather be poor but with a good heart than rich but with bad intentions” 

Picture this scenario. We witness a lady who needs help because she has fallen over, are we still the type of people to help without any hesitation? 

I just feel like we need to give more rather than expect to receive more. Although I buy for others, I don’t always assume they will buy for me too. For example, this year I gave my parents a very sentimental gift- a scrapbook filled with photos, memories and poems I had written. This type of gift involves hours of commitment and effort but yet is completely worth it for when you see their reactions. 

I will leave you with this, will you open your heart more for others? Bearing in mind it will give you such a great feeling? 

I hope you all have a great Christmas! You all deserve complete happiness and joy. Quality time with others can be such a great aspect of this special day.

Until next time, 


Look forwards, not back

Ah bonjour everyone! How are you feeling today? As you may of noticed, This is the second blog post of the day! What a treat eh (As it’s Christmas and all that)

Now what have you been up to today? Done anything nice? I have a tradition with my friend of every New Years Eve, we fill a bottle with notes on the good things of that year. We recently opened the bottle of 2014 and wow…So much has changed. After reading 2014’s highlights, we filled the bottle with this years highlights and it obviously reminded me of how quickly this year has gone! So much has happened and so much has changed. I bet the end of the year always gives you the opportunity to reflect!

So what has changed for you this year? Are you going to be walking into 2016 without some people that you had in 2015? Have you changed? Are there any big things that have occurred in 2015 which will therefore effect your new year of 2016? “There are far more better things ahead, than any we leave behind”

Why travel backwards when you have a clear path ahead to follow? There may be some people in 2015 who broke you. “Don’t ever run back to whatever once broke you” I find that the people who made you hurt, deserve to be left in 2015 while you thrive in 2016. You have such an exciting year ahead of you, don’t let the bad presences accompany you on that journey.

“When looking back doesn’t interest you anymore, you’re doing something right” There are so many things in my past that I miss, but what is the point on dwelling on the past, when there is a very promising future ahead of me to look forward to? There are always the memories. They don’t ever change, even if the people involved do.

“Stride into 2016 with some self confidence. It’s the best outfit so rock it and own it.” When going into 2016, bring some hope and promise and wear some beauty, we all possess it.

Although so much has probably happened this year, that doesn’t mean that we can’t keep in mind, but yet not let this effect our very exciting year of 2016. Our 2016 can be whatever we want it to be. You want to pursue a hobby? Then do so. You want to tell that boy how you really feel? Then just do it! Go into 2016 with no regrets.

“Don’t look back. You’re not heading that way” You can’t change any of your past, but you can change your future.

“Invest in people that invest in you.” Start 2016 with the right people. When you go through next year, only commit yourself to people who commit to you, and also who treat you with respect. Why waste your time on people who’s only intentions are to use and hurt you? That’s why I say that we should choose wisely on who we spend our time with, time is very precious at the end of the day.

“The best way to predict the future, is to create it”

Now I better go, there is wrapping to do!

You all have a lovely Christmas!

Lots of love,




Have a lovely Christmas this year!

Hello everyone! How are you all doing today? Are you all feeling Christmassy with it being the 23rd of December? I really hope you have a beautiful Christmas, filled with beautiful people. I like to think that Christmas really brings people together. I hope the day turns out to be as special as you.

Have you all got all your presents for Friday? I know a lot of people who go out on Christmas eve to get all their shopping completed, however I also know people who start months before. Whatever your plan of action is, I hope the day itself is enjoyable and very memorable.

Now I know a lot of people get excited for Christmas and look forward to the many present they will receive however, have you thought about the thousands of children, families, homeless individuals who won’t receive a thing this year? Or because they live in such poor conditions, struggle to make the most of Christmas day? That’s why I want to make you aware of “The Salvation Army that will be running a Christmas Present Appeal.” This will include collecting presents from people who donate them to ensure ones who don’t normally get a present this year, will. I myself have donated a £5 present to guarantee a child will have at least one present this year. “Please support your local Christmas Present Appeal by finding your nearest appeal and donating new unwrapped toys and gifts for children, families, older people and homeless people in need this Christmas.”

I feel like we take Christmas for granted sometimes, and tend to focus more on the presents we receive rather than what the day means itself, family. I tend to receive so many presents, and I do admit I don’t always really think of how lucky I am. There are some people in this country who don’t even receive one. Why don’t we bear that in mind when we are opening all our lovely presents? (How lucky are we eh?) I think we should all remind our family of how lucky we are to get all these lovely gifts and great company as well.

Did you know that when you are 18 ( I think it’s 18), you can volunteer yourself to help out in the soup kitchens on Christmas day  to therefore feed the homeless? This is something I have always wanted to do because I can do my bit to give back to the community and ensure that the homeless are warm and are being fed on Christmas. If you are willing to give up one Christmas, why don’t you try and volunteer for such a good cause?

“The magic of Christmas isn’t the presents, but in the presence of others”

“I don’t want much for Christmas, I just want the person reading this to be happy, healthy and loved. Wishing you snowflakes, winter cheer and great friendship”

“It came without ribbons, it came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled until his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something that he hadn’t before. What if Christmas, he thought doesn’t come form a store. What if, Christmas perhaps means a little more?”- The Grinch

“One of the most glorious messes in the world is mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don’t clean it up too quickly.”

Now you enjoy Christmas this year, no matter what you have been through this year. You deserve every type of happiness so therefore may your day be as magical as you.

I better go, Now you remain smiling you lovely human being! And have a great Christmas, and a happy new year!

Sending lots of love, and a little bit of magic.


Suffering from a loss

“Death leaves a heartache that nobody can heal, love leaves a memory than nobody can steal” 

Hello lovely people. How are you all feeling today? I hope it’s well and that you have been keeping positive! 

Now, someone I know lost a special someone over the weekend and it reminded me of how I’ve never discussed the effects of loosing someone in your life therefore I thought I could talk about it now.

Have you lost someone in your lifetime? Has it been a friend? A family member? Someone in your community? I feel like more people need to be aware that grieving is completely normal and ones who grieve, all do so in their own way. 

If you have suffered from a loss, remember..there are many people who are there for you for support and will be able to help you through the process and healing. 

Some say that by loosing somebody, you develop a hole in your heart where you feel empty, and as if you won’t ever be happy again. You may feel as if part of you has gone with that persons who’s unfortunately passed. What I’m here to say is that you will be alright, some day and that it’s okay not to be okay. 

When being effected by someone who’s died, some of us may feel different, sad, angry, becoming isolated and so therefore it gives off a whole range of emotions. This is completely normal, and it doesn’t last forever I promise. 

Some people become angry when they loose someone they love, however I try and think positively. Maybe God needed another angel? This person may not be in any pain anymore so therefore they are pain free. 

When someone dies, we suffer from a grieving process after and when it “finishes” some assume that you are therefore better however some people just feel like they have to be strong so put on a facade. I know someone who still isn’t alright now after it happening a long time ago. I don’t think your mourning completely ends, you just be one better at handling it. Some days are just better than others. When the bad days occur, I think other people’s love and support helps your heart to heal a little bit more. Some people just need a hug and a chat about it after time has gone on of the person being taken from this world. Just keep in mind of how they still may be feeling. 

“Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings on heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy” 

“Never. Never do we really loose our lost ones. They accompany us; they don’t disappear from our lives. We are merely in different rooms”

I went to a graveyard recently and was looking at some tombstones, when a butterfly appeared and sat right in front of my view. The pattern of the butterfly was simply stunning and I was fascinated by the colours. I walked all around the church to the other side of the grounds and as I sat down on a bench, the same butterfly was brought to my attention as it followed me. Some say that butterflies are a symbol of your guardian angel, how they will protect you and assure you that good things are to come. I believe that this was correct as i was going through exams so this beautiful creature helped me to believe good things were to come. 

The loved one may not be here in person, but forever in your heart and head. We loved them a lot, but maybe heaven loved them more. 

Now I better go and some work, but you’ve all been a pleasure. Keep smiling beautiful ones. 


My love for the theatre!

Good afternoon lovely people! How are you all feeling today? Happy that it’s a Friday? (I am!) How’s everyone getting on with their Christmas shopping? I am actually doing quite alright this year! Only two left to get! I hope you all have a smile on your face today.

I don’t know if you’re all aware, but I have been involved with an amazing pantomime recently called Sleeping Beauty which was with Weston College’s Performing Arts! (Yes, I am a right drama queen) and last night was the last performance! It went spectacularly! I am so proud of every single individual that was involved. That goes from the actors, director, choreographer, lighting, costume, hair, makeup, sound..everyone! We worked so hard as a team and created something so brilliant in such a short amount of time. The audiences loved it as did I. So much work and effort was put into making this a success and I don’t think I could of done what I did without the amazing people around me to help. I have learnt so much from others and guess what? My dancing actually went ok!(Which is a real surprise seeing as I may as well have two left feet) So I just want to say, Thank you.

When I was on stage performing, I felt as if I couldn’t be happier. Although you do possess those nerves on show night, I feel like they vanish when you have amazing support around you which encourages you to be confident. In the pantomime, I was Fairy Queen and had to sing “A dream is a wish your heart makes” and some nights, this song turned out to be a challenge. The times when I felt it went badly, I had the love and support backstage to help me feel better. I was therefore so happy to be given the Gold Star on my last performance (The gold star is given to an individual to each cast in each performance) Everyone should be so proud of themselves for what they have achieved through this show. I cannot wait for the next performance now!

For those of you who came to see the performance, I really do hope you enjoyed the show. With your interaction (Oh yes you are, Cheering, Booing and clapping) helped to make the performance a success! The things that you do, as an audience helps us as a team to be our best! So thank you guys! We couldn’t do what we do without a supportive audience to help us on our way. We really appreciate you all for attending!

From the auditions to the rehearsals to the show is a thing that requires a lot of commitment however every person gave that commitment so everything was completed by the time it was Showtime at the Blakehay! Hours and hours went into the preparation for Sleeping Beauty and although stress was certainly involved, so was a lot of fun! I met so many people through Panto and become closer to other people too! Memories were made and laughter and smiles were exchanged so therefore this experience has been simply the best for me! I wouldn’t change a thing!


To the ones who sang, Your voices were beautiful. To the ones who danced, Your movement is amazing! To the comedy roles, You made my stomach hurt and to all that were involved, You made me so proud to be a part of it! You all should be so happy with yourselves! You all show so much talent!

“All the world is a stage”

“There is that smaller world that is the stage and that larger stage that is the world”

Until next time,


Always remember your self worth

Hello people! Now how are you all today? I  hope you are well and happy and you are having a good day! Now, think of one thing that has happened today that has made you feel happy. (There’s got to be something! No matter how big or small) It’s great to reflect upon positive moments.

I would love to remind everyone that Sleeping Beauty will be performing at the Blakehay (Weston Super Mare) tonight at 7pm. Tickets are available on the Blakehay website. The hilarious pantomime will be filled with magic, laughter and love. Something not to be missed. It would be great to see as many of you there as possible!

Now, I am going to discuss a topic I myself have experienced and so I feel it needs to be addressed. Have you ever spoken to or been involved with somebody who hasn’t treated you in the way you deserve? Have you felt used or manipulated? If so, Why would such a beautiful person like yourself allow them to treat you in this way?

I’ve found that too many guys my age have only wanted to speak to me when they are “bored”. I know a lot of people still ache to talk to those kind of people. Is that because we fall easily for the wrong people? Which then leads to crying and overthinking. Why do we do this to ourselves?

I think that every person in this world is destined to find “The one”. I know a lot of people crave to find that one person who will make them feel amazing, but they are destined to enter our lives throughout some point of our lives, not necessarily at this moment in time. We should wait (but with a positive attitude) for that someone special to turn our world upside down rather than wait impatiently and desperately, or talk to every person we know to try and achieve a relationship that isn’t good for us. Surely we don’t want to be treated unfairly and unrespect fully by someone who only wants a one off conversation about something they will soon forget anyway, whilst for us, each and every word spins around in our mind, as we overthink.

“People were created to be loved and things were created to be used. So why are people being used and things being loved?”

I feel like we are worth so much in this world and sometimes, I feel like some of us need to remember that. If somebody starts talking to you and they aren’t possessing an inch of respect, kindness or consideration for you or what you have to say, don’t allow them to use you. You are worth so much more than that. You are beautiful.

“My heart is not a playground, so go and play somewhere else”

In the meantime of finding the one who will love and protect you, proceed on living your life. Spent some time with your friends, love your family, achieve your goals and just The one for you will arrive at some point, so don’t simply wait for them, don’t put your life on pause.

“Stop putting me on a shelf for when you decide to use me again”

I feel like it would be so much easier if people were straight forward with us. If they are actually interested, tell you. If they are looking for nothing but a bit of fun, tell you that to save you feeling used and damaged. You also deserve clarity and understanding.

Now, I hope this has maybe helped a few of you if this topic is something you can relate to.

You’ve been a pleasure as always.

Until next time,



Helping the Homeless

Hello everyone! I hope you are all feeling positive today! You are all amazing people you know!

Now, for those of you that have me on social media, You would of seen me post a photo along with an explanation yesterday. If not, I will explain now as to what happened.

It turns out, I found £20 on the floor yesterday. So many thoughts went through my mind as to what to spend it on and after a minute or two, one idea came into mind. That wasn’t clothes or presents, it was actually to feed the homeless and I felt so happy to do it.Helping the homeless.jpg I went to Tesco and bought multi packs of crisps, drinks, cereal bars, fruit and went searching for the less fortunate around Weston’s town centre. On my journey, I found two very grateful individual’s who I assured wouldn’t go to sleep hungry last night. The man nearly cried as he discovered in the bag was in fact food. The woman’s eyes changed from coldness and misery to appreciation and love. To be able to completely change a person’s mood, I tell you is a great feeling! I feel so great to have made a difference.

Why don’t we try and imagine what these brave people must be experiencing each and every day. Walking in the cold with only a sleeping bag and plastic bag to their name. No guarantee of food nor shelter. These people must be filled with fear. I never really (You know properly) thought about how these people must be feeling.

That’s why I feel I need to be more thankful for what I have. Three meals a day, an education, safety, a roof over my head and family and friends that love me.

I really think we need to do more, as a whole to help the homeless. There is so much that each of us can do that can make such a significant difference but yet, isn’t particularly hard for us to do in fact.

I’m not sure whether you are aware of this, but as part of my Citizenship coursework in January this year, I volunteered for the Foodbank. It was such a great thing to get involved in and I feel like more people should give it a go. They help so many people who are suffering from poverty or who are absolutely desperate for food. By getting involved, I helped put together all of the bags of food in the warehouse which is given to those who need such a thing as food (That we, may I say might take for granted sometimes). I learnt a lot by helping at the Foodbank. Firstly I was reminded of how amazing this organisation really is! They are available to provide food to those that more need it. However one of the challenges that this Charity faces is the lack of staff. If more people got involved, even helping for a short amount of time, would however make a lot of a difference!

In my opinion, there are far too many people in this country who suffer and unfortunately live in poverty or without a home that this issue need to be addressed once more. I feel like something needs to be set up to ensure individuals like that man I met don’t have to curl up in a shop door in this bitter winter this year. All they are looking for is food, some shelter and some love. As a community, who says we can’t achieve that?

I am so happy to see that McDonalds are supporting the Lighthouse charity at the moment. “Over the years the Lighthouse Club has granted over £12 million in financial aid to help over 12,500 families suffering hardship in our community” Hopefully this will really make a difference.

Now next time you see a homeless person , why not go and buy a packet of crisps, a £1 tea at Greggs or even a quick chat to give to such a less fortunate individual in comparison to yourself.

I better go and and study a bit of Othello! (Did you know Shakespeare invented the expressions such as the “Green eyed monster” “Wear your heart on your sleeve” “Fight fire with fire” and “Vanish into thin air”. How interesting eh!

You guys have been a pleasure, as always!

Much love,





Make love, not war.

Hello everybody. How are you all doing? I really hope you are all well and have had a good week! “Smiling is the key”

Now recently I wrote about recent events and how I felt about it however as the situation has evolved, I feel like it needs to be spoken about again.

Now what is YOUR opinion on this? The decision took many hours to make and as someone wrote on twitter “Countless children in Syria were unaware of a vote that would soon decide whether the children lived or died”.

The MP’S voted in favour of the Islamic State by 397 to 223. After the decision was made, the MP’s who supported the decision were celebrating and cheering. What I fail to understand is, why would you celebrate bombing, war and innocent lives being taken?

I understand people who may think that Britain air strikes are targeting purely Syrian training grounds and so are taking action to put a stop to these horrendous people however, cant you argue that by sending bombs out, it is causing them to retaliate and fight back? Then surely it will be a never ending occurrence? I feel like this is the start of another war, where innocent lives are taken once again. If ISIS based buildings are targeted, can’t you argue that surroundings areas are going to be effected? Where innocent women, men and children live? I feel like there are going to be serious consequences for the MP’s actions.

The vote took place in London where the decision took 10 hours to make. Two of the photos below show the result of the British air strikes. There are innocent civilians here who stand in rubble, probably suffering from grief and probably feeling extremely confused. Now why would they be confused? This is because they put all their faith into this world and most likely feel deceived. I am not saying that ISIS members don’t deserve to be punished, I am simply saying that how is it fair for innocent, precious lives to be taken? The photos are certainly a clear representation of what this country’s actions have resulted in.


Here’s a poem I wrote regarding he Government’s decision:

Whilst the government celebrate

Parents feel helpless towards their children’s safety

While jets are flying out to cause unimaginable deaths

And the citizens of Britain being ignored

Horror is happening in this modern world

We are in the 21st century

Yet some are oblivious to think of the consequences

Of innocent individual’s who die

Die from something this country has caused

Die too young

Die without a say

As bodies pile up in the streets of Syria

As the government continues to celebrate.

I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however this is just mine. I really hope something is done to help this world. How many more people need to die before something changes?

RIP to those who have lost their lives. You didn’t deserve any of this so therefore you will forever be in our thoughts.

Thank you for reading.