Every exit is an entrance to somewhere else.

Hello strangers!! How are you all feeling? This blog post is for those of you who may not be sure on what direction their life is going to go in or who feel unsteady for the future. Maybe you aren’t going along a clear path or seeing a clear future but still remember that that a promising, beautiful, exciting future can still be on the horizon.

“Every exit is an entrance to somewhere else.” Imagine that you are a college student but feel that it isn’t for you so therefore you quit. You don’t have much to take up your time so you feel low, agitated and unproductive. You don’t have to feel this way. Why not look for something that interests you? An apprenticeship may be what’s right for you or an alternative course? When you exit one situation, enter another. I know somebody who left A levels to do something they loved, which was Hairdressing. Whatever you do, you need to have a passion for it and something to drive you.

I do A levels which can prove to be tough at times however my future drives my motivation. If you are thinking about college and are interested in A levels, first take the time to think about your future. For example, I want a career in journalism which involves college (In particular A levels) and university. When you have a set future, you need to know the path in which you can get there. Do you need to have A levels or a qualification in a particular course? Do you then need a degree? Take the time to think about what you enjoy/what you are good at and then you can have a good idea as to what you work towards.

create it future.png

future motviation

makes you happy.jpg

The last photo is so so important!!! Whatever you want to do in life, wherever you want to do it just make sure it makes you happy! Why be in something that makes you miserable? You deserve to do something that makes you smile, laugh and love every single day!

I hope this has helped at least some of you. Everyone has an option and only you can change something to make you happy. Do what you enjoy and don’t settle for any less. Not on the path to your future? Ensure that you get onto that train to lead you to that bright future of yours! Only you have the power to do so.

I’m glad to be writing for you guys again.

“Don’t let insecurity ruin the beauty you were born with”

“Every thought we think is creating our future”

Keep that smile on you beautiful people!





Be mindful. Even if your mind is full.

“To the mind that is still, the whole world surrenders”

Hello lovely ones! How are you all doing? I apologise for not writing recently. College has taken up my time so I haven’t had the chance to write for you all! Considering what has gone on with college work and stress, I thought it would be best to write something about being mindful and becoming aware of the present moment. You have no idea how much this is going to help.

I was revising last night and it was proving to be difficult so I went onto Youtube, looked for 10 minute guided meditation and sat on my bed as I started mindfulness.

On the video, they teach you to focus on your breathing, your surroundings, areas of your body and what feelings they give you and most importantly, your thoughts and what to do with them.

If you have many thoughts on your mind that are just getting in the way, imagine that they are balloons. Balloons that are tied to a piece of a string that can float away. Your thoughts do not control you. They don’t have any power over you. You do.

If the balloon theory doesn’t work, try lily pads on a quiet stream of water. Imagine that the thoughts are being placed onto these lily’s and are being sent away.

There are ways to take away these thoughts as you relax. Breathing can massively help too. When you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, count in for 4 and out for 6. There is a space between the breathing so focus your energy on this space. Breathing is such a easy thing for us to do, requiring absolutely no energy so therefore taking the time to focus on this can be a blessing.

If you are having a bad day or you feel you need to take a time out, sit somewhere or stand somewhere and simply breathe. Breathe in and breathe out. Focus on your breathing and the way it makes you feel and the thoughts that are there in your head and temporarily forgotten as you think of something else.

Mindfulness is taking the time to accept the moment and appreciate the time you are in, whilst becoming aware of your surroundings. It’s easy enough to do so doing this around a time where you are stressed can be a life saver. You might find it isn’t for you, however what’s the harm in trying it out?


being mindful

When we get stressed in life, we tend to get angry and sad and we just want to block out all our problems. Taking the time to become aware and thoughtful can take us away for a bit, but can let us relax from our thoughts and feelings. It is such a peaceful process that calms me down so much. I feel others should give it a go to see if it works for them. What do you have to lose?

I better go, but if you are not wearing a smile today, here’s one. From me, to you. Love is all around us.

Sending love, laughter, life and kindness.

Keep smiling beautiful ones.



There is someone out there for everyone!


Hello people! How are you all? Good day? It is half term for most schools and college’s now so I bet most people are looking forward to the break! What has been the highlight of your day? Has it been someone paying you a compliment? Something that made you laugh or smile? However small, it can be the thing that you look to positively each and every day.

Now as we know, Valentines day is tomorrow. If you are with someone, I hope you have a lovely day spent with the person most special to you however if you don’t, please don’t feel upset by this. Although it is a day which relates to love, I feel like it is okay to not always have someone. People don’t always need another person in their life to be happy and complete. Sometimes, I think Is nice to be single. This is because you can focus on yourself and what goes on in your life. You can make yourself happy, it doesn’t always need to be done by somebody else. Please please remember that i you feel lonely or upset.

When I feel a bit alone being single, I remember that there is going to be someone out there who I will find in time. I feel that although people are single in their life and may not be involved with anyone, there is going to be relationships for you in the future. I believe that we are on a path that takes us to so many opportunities with so many great things. On that journey, there is love. Whether it be at the start, along the way or towards the end. I don’t have anybody at the moment but I know I wont be without someone all my life, it just takes time. Please be patient and wait because it will happen lovely people. In the meantime, take the time to focus on your lush self and things that occur in your life. For me, It can be my great friends and my college work and the time to make myself happy.

Take the time to love yourself. How can you except someone to love you when you don’t love yourself? Have confidence in yourself and learn to acknowledge your self worth. If you are talking to someone and things seem good, please remember how you deserve to be treated and what a great person like you has a right to- respect and love.


god wiriting a love story

watigin for love

Here are some photos to get you thinking about how its not always bad to be single. If you have the time to work on yourself and be a better you, you can then be ready to love someone else and someone who can love you.

Happy valentines day everyone. I hope those of you taken have a lovely day, also to those who receive mysterious cards and gifts, I hope it turns out to be a good day! If not, please don’t bring yourself down. Love is not far away, just wait and it will be here before you know it. Friends and family and focusing on yourself can be your priority until then.

Until next time,



Education- Is Mental Health being forgotten?

Did you know that 1 in 5 people suffer from a mental health issue before they are 11 years old? Did you know that it has found that of 1,200 higher education students surveyed, 20 per cent consider themselves to have a mental health problem, while 13 per cent have suicidal thoughts. How sad are these statistics? Why should exams and revision cause us to have a serious downfall on our well being?

I completely understand that teachers want to get the best out of you and certain grades help get you to your future however, should an individual have to experience such pressure from grades that it leads to mental health issues, stress, anxiety and a disruption in our well being?

81% of students have reported feeling absolutely exhausted at college. Grades need achieving, work needs completing, revision needs doing and whilst all this is happening, stress levels are rising.

“For some college students, the stress of exams and assignments can lead to an all night cramming session.” Exams are vitally important, but why should this change our mental health?

It is the day before the exam and you have spent all night revising, non stop. You then struggle to sleep and wake up with hardly any rest. This photo will show you exactly what the consequences are of that.

lack of sleep hurt the brain

I know that revision needs to be done and work needs to be put in, but could you argue that either more support needs to be implemented in schools, college’s and universities to help combat this issue or does something need to be done to exams and educational work in order to lower people’s stress? Some people benefit from the nerves and stress to push them towards these grades however others suffer from so much stress and pressure that they fall down completely and it makes things so much worse. Something needs to be done.

On BBC news on Education, Heads warn over untreated mental health issues. “A snapshot survey of 1,455 English heads suggests two-thirds of primary schools cannot deal with such issues.” “three-quarters of school leaders had reported that they lacked the resources needed to provide the kind of mental health care that children need.” ” 64% of schools do not have access to a counsellor on site, and three-quarters of these said the most common barrier was financial.” I hope that because the issue has been addressed, something can be done to provide those in need with the help they deserve.

mental health concerns chart


I remember my exams at school, and how stressed I became when these were coming up. It is the pressure to make others proud, to impress the teachers that have every faith in you and to get the grades needed to move on from school. All these things are so much to handle when you are one person who just wants to be successful. Our mental health shouldn’t suffer in order for us to be successful, should it?

I feel like this issue effects many, so therefore It needs to be discussed!

If you are experiencing this, please seek help from friends, family or someone at school who you feel may help you. You are not alone!

Until next time,




Thinking about going to University?

Hello lovely people! How are you all feeling today? Have you had some moments of laughter and smiles? I really hope so.

Now are you considering going to university? Do you have a career in mind that means you need to attend uni or do you feel like you want to pursue more education in order to work out your future? Whatever the reason is, make sure you are happy with the decision.

Firstly, why do people go to university? Is it something many people should choose to do? There are a few reasons as to why going to Uni is a great thing to do. You can be better employed if you have been to university, you can learn a lot more from studying at a fantastic uni, going to uni can take you on a memorable adventure where you can make lots of new people and lastly, uni can give you so many amazing opportunities! Do you think University is for you?

I know a few people who know what they want to do in the future, for example I know what I want to do and so does my best friend. What I want to pursue requires you to go to university however what my friend wants to do does not. Not every career means university, but if you do have an idea of what you might want to do, be aware of the path you must therefore need to take and whether or not it requires uni. It can be extremely unfortunate when people are in college yet don’t know what they want to do in their life however this also isn;t something to become stressed over, it just takes time to think over what you may or may not want to do. Talk to your friends, family or even people at your college on what you may want to do in your future and so you can figure out whether university may have to be a part of your life. This means you can then start looking at universities and what you need to achieve at college in order to get you there. It will make things a lot easier. (But don’t panic, things will work itself out)

Now you need to know your stuff! I want to go on and do journalism which means I need to know what type of universities offer the course. This means I need to look at various uni’s in order to work out which uni’s offer what and how I can be successful with the career I am so keen on pursuing.

I am now sure on whether you are aware of this but there are certain universities that are called the Russell Groups. These are a group of uni’s that link together and are the ones that are most well know. These include ones such as Oxford, Cambridge, Cardiff and Southampton. Russell Groups look for the higher grades in College in order to accept you. They also have a reputation with providing good teaching. Although these universities are highly recommended, they aren’t your only option.

Worried that you won’t achieve the grades to be accepted into a Russell group? Please don’t worry! There are plenty of other universities that are not a part of the Russell group yet they are still fantastic places to attend! Examples of these may be Plymouth, Bath spa or Falmouth university. These uni’s will also accept you but some with easier grades to get in with. Some uni’s also accept you according to your tariff points so if you don’t achieve the right grade, your tariff points may still get you in! I know a person who achieved a D at A Levels in Law but yet studies a Law Degree at a brilliant University. Anything is possible. Don’t lose hope.

It is certainly not the end of the world if you don’t achieve an A at College. Oxford may not be the one for you however there is still plenty of universities out there that will take you. Please don’t panic.

I’ve heard a lot of people talking about universities and how you must aim for the best grades possible for you in order to be accepted into Uni’s. I feel like talking about what to do when maybe you don’t achieve the top grades should be discussed. It does not mean that you can’t go to Uni or it means you can’t study the course you most long to study for, it just means that you need to be fully aware of what some uni’s grade requirements are and how you will try your best to work towards that. At the end of the day, all you can do is your best.

I hope this has helped at least a few of you out and that your future is a beautiful and bright one. If you are interested in going to Uni, I hope you find the right one for you.

Until next time,




Help is here, i promise.

Hello everyone. I hope you are feeling happy today and you have done something that has made you laugh or smile! At the end of the day, I like to think of a highlight of my day! like when I was given a compliment that made me smile or when I did something good for somebody else. However small, reflect of it at the end of your day. It really helps. Every day has a highlight.

Now I don’t know whether you have heard, but yesterday evening at approximately 5pm, an innocent live was taken. One young individual was hit by a train and sadly passed away. When I heard this, I couldn’t believe what had happened. I want to send my thoughts and love to the friends and family of this beautiful soul that was taken. As the person went to the same secondary school as me, I know that many people are going to be affected by this tragic loss. I want everyone to pay their thoughts to this life that has been lost and take a few moments to remember this remarkable person.

People are not entirely sure of the circumstances of this situation however it reminded me of how many people lose their lives to train collisions. Hundreds of lives are lost a year by trains in a suicide attempt. Thinking of each person as an individual, shouldn’t we ask ourselves why someone would feel like the only option is to lose their live by a train?

Many people who suffer from suicide thoughts feel like there is nothing good for them. No matter how much someone says “It will get better”, “It’ll be okay” and “It’s okay” it’s not to them. They are so unhappy and so seem to feel like not being here is the solution. What I have to say is, if you are feeling like this, you are a beautiful presence on this earth and cutting your life off isn’t the resolution. If you feel like this, please please try and speak to someone. There are so many organisations out there to help you with your feelings. Instead of losing your life, why not accept some great help to make you feel a whole lot better about yourself. You are beautiful.

I know a few people who suffer from thoughts of suicide and so feel like because their life isn’t getting any easier, not being here will make them happy again. How sad is that? They are emotionally, physically and mentally tired. Fed up and alone of this earth. When someone says, “chin up” or “smile” unfortunately, it doesn’t help them.

They wake up alone and sad and get dressed alone and sad and spend the day feeling bad about themselves. It is like a constant battle that they are struggling to fight. Judging them or getting frustrated by them “always being sad” is not going to make them better, just worse. I think the only thing that can help people who experience this, is to just simply be there. For a hug, for a smile, for support and for guidance. You can’t always be the one to fix them. Many organisations can really help to make people feel better. There’s only so much family and friends can do. Here are a few organisations that can help:

-Prevention of young suicide UK (https://www.papyrus-uk.org/)

-The alliance of suicide prevention charities (http://www.tasc-uk.org/)

-The national suicide prevention alliance, The Samaritans (http://www.samaritans.org/about-us/our-organisation/national-suicide-prevention-alliance-nspa)

If these websites maybe aren’t for you, take a look at Suicide prevention help on the NHS website. http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Suicide/Pages/Prevention.aspx.

I promise you, you are not alone. Shown above are some websites to help you, and these are only a few of many. Please please don’t feel like leaving this world is the only option. Help is here for you.

Now I better go, but I hope this has helped a few individuals.

Until next time,