Do the right thing 

Does anyone else think about time? The time you ignore someone or the time you let pass without realizing what is actually happening?

As individuals, we can be so determined on holding a grudge, letting something play out without even thinking about the time we are wasting. Why do we fall out with people and let things go on for such a long space of time? 

Life is so short. I mean SO short. One day we could be going through life in our normal routine without even imagining what is just around the corner. I have heard about too many people who haven’t spoken to their fathers or mothers or friends and just when it seems like the right time to start  thinking about reconciliation, their time is up. I have heard about too many people who regret how long they held a grudge for,or cut someone out of their lives and then finally realized it’s been going on for years.

Why don’t we fix things? Why don’t we simply let things go and be the bigger person to sort out a relationship? To sort out a feud that doesn’t really deserve all this wasted time? Why are you ignoring your sibling for example when you are missing out on so many things? As you cut them out of your life, blocking them on social media and cutting their existence out of your life when you haven’t even been around to hear about their achievements, their heartaches and their memories they’ve made. 

I once knew a little girl. A little girl who loved her grandad. A girl who played with her toys and a girl who laughed at his jokes. One day, when the mother of the girl and the man developed an argument. An argument that caused so much pain and hassle and confusion. Without even thinking about fixing it, one blocked the other. One cut the other out of her and the little girls life. The girl no longer knew her grandad. The girl didn’t laugh at his jokes and the girl didn’t see his smile that lay on his face. Before they knew it, over a year had passed and instead of that being a reminder of how much time has been wasted, the feud continued. The individuals couldn’t speak to one another and the argument wasn’t resolved. How sad is it that the little girl has to suffer and miss out on seeing her relative just because of a row caused by miscommunication and confusion. Why don’t two people fix things before they get any worse? 

Someone else saw the girl. The girl had grown up and the family had missed out on so much of the little girls growing up. She no longer had a positive, strong bond with the other part of the family and the girl knew of nothing that had caused people to be cut out of her life.

What I am saying here is to try and forget of something silly that’s happened. We don’t get a dress rehearsal in this life. It is live and it is short. When a row occurs and both people assume they are right, do the right thing by each other and the people who are effected by this argument and make up. Don’t drag something out just because you are sure you are in the right. Don’t allow someone to be cut out of other people’s life just because you feel too stubborn or proud to make it up with them. Do the right right. If not for you, but for the children or the relatives that are suffering.

I know a lot of people hang onto things that were said or actions that were committed that maybe weren’t right, however doesn’t it matter how much time can be wasted on a silly argument? Talk. Sort things out. Think about other people and what they could want, or need. Don’t let your feelings get in the way that brcause you are hanging onto something, or listening to something that’s been said. I can’t tell you how short our lives can be and how much regret can be developed by if something sudden were to happen and you hadn’t seen or talked to this person in too long of a time period. For the sake of yourself, others and the actual individual, do the correct thing. 

Until next time,


Money isn’t everything

In life, one of the most important things we strive for is money. When we see that top we want to buy or that trip we want to go on. So we get a job, we do chores around the house and we earn ourselves some money. When we think of money, we are always wanting more money for more things that we want to buy that we don’t actually need. I ask you, is money really everything? It can be all great receiving money for not really doing anything if you are quite wealthy but did you know that there are more important things? Have you ever heard of the expression “Money can’t buy you happiness”? I believe in this quote so much because there are always going to be those people in your class or in your life that get all the latest clothes and tickets for concerts and you feel envious for that, thinking “Now why don’t I have that”? But when we look at those who are so much more fortunate than ourselves, think about the things that you have that they don’t have. Do you have a good relationship with your parent or sibling or do you have a real talent for something? It tends to be that we wish we were that other person but we actually have so many aspects in our lives that can’t be bought.

I have an example. I spent this summer working so that I could afford to buy my own car. My car was close to a grand and I knew that this was going to be a challenge. It was hard to put all this money aside that I had earned to not even see it. Although it can be so hard to save for something, I am telling you it is worth it. When you can look at your bank account and see that all this money has been earned by you, I tell you it is a fantastic feeling. I can now look at my car (Who I’ve actually named Linda) and think “You have bought this car all by yourself. Asha, this is all yours. Every penny to this car was paid for by myself. There is no greater feeling than looking at something and knowing you had no help towards buying it. It was also nice to have my family so proud of me for buying it myself. Now I know that I have the capablility to put a large amount of money aside to go towards something practical and amazing like a CAR! It is amazing.

I once knew this family. The family didn’t have much. The family lived on crumbs and the house stood from tiredness. I once knew the mother. The mother had four young boys who had nothing. The children would go to school with a hole in their shoe and a cluster of dirt on their clothes. The other children at school would laugh and point because this family had nothing. The boys would work for pennies to provide their mother. The mother saw no alternative and just wanted to make her family happy. Happiness can be developed in so many ways. A family may have no money and no fortune,  but at least they have each other. A family bond is stronger than anything. Anything in the world. You hear laughter come from the most poorest houses and sadness from the most richest.

It makes my day then when just a coffee or a sandwich can completely change a homeless man’s day. They smile and laugh and bless you for doing such a selfless thing. We as a society tend to need so much in order to be happy but it is significant how just a one pound coffee can help make a persons day that so much better.

Look to the little things in your life. Focus on those smiles that the most poorest people possess and the misery that hangs off a millionaire. (This of course isn’t for all people, just for some!)

Lovely people, smile! Smile for your fortune and your luck. Not everyone has the life you have.

Until next time,


Doing what is right for you

Hello strangers! I apologise for not posting much recently but with the pressures of applying with university and keeping up with the college workload, it has been hard to find the time to write. I have really missed it, and the people who read it! I hope you are all feeling alright and happy with how your life is going.

I find that when a bad day occurs, it is always helpful to look at one positive that has happened, however big or small it is. For example, if someone gives you a compliment or helps you with something, it is something to view as a positive. However badly a day goes, there will always be something that you can look at. When I feel like I am drowning in college work and feeling the pressures of keeping up with life, it can be good to look at something that has gone right. Have you seen a good friend of yours throughout the day? Did something happen which made you feel laugh? Did something happen which actually made you feel grateful for what you have? No matter how stressful or pressurising life is, there is always going to be something to look positively to.

As we are through the middle of October, it is now the time where the older age group in primary schools are looking for where they want to go for their secondary school and the last year college year’s are applying for university and coming up to their crucial exams, it is safe to say that this time is quite a stressful one. Aiming to keep up with work and home life and a job and exercise and finding the time to eat and drink and also try and fit in some sort of social life can be something we struggle to balance.

I find that college’s rush you into going to university. When individuals are only, typically at the age of 17 or 18 and yet we are asked what we want to do as a career and where we may want to go and what course we may want to do however so many of us can be so very confused of this as we are still so young. Don’t get me wrong, there is going to be those who are confident on what they need to do and so are keen to go to university however there can be some who become stressed about feeling stressed because they have no clue on what the hell they want to do with their life. My advice to you would be, try to take the time to think about what exactly it is you want to do next in your life and do only what feels right. Do what you feel could help towards your future and do whatever makes you happy.




Just because everyone you know is going to university, doesn’t mean you have to do the same. If it isn’t something you want to do or something that will lead up to building your future, go down a different path. Think of yourself in these types of situations and not just what others are doing. At the end of the day, it is your future.

Of course there will be doubts about the next chapter of your life because it is likely to be a much bigger level such as university and something much more intense. Although there are going to be these thoughts, consider whether this next step in your life may be something that will help towards getting you to where you want to get to. If you are not sure on what you would like to do, take the time to research what options you may have and where your passion and interest lie.

If any of you lovely people have any suggestions or ideas as to what my next blog topics can be about, please feel free to let me know as I would love to hear from you!

Until next time,