Mental health- We need more funding!

For years, mental health hasn’t been completely understood nor had support as much as it should do. This needs to change. Although there is 10% of funds used for mental health, I feel that it’s not enough. 

I read about someone that rung a mental health institute asking for help however they saw his condition as “non serious” therefore agreed that they would get back to him within a couple of days. The individual had no help and went out a took multiple lives and made others suffer. This person reached out for a hand to help and instead was put on a list. A system. A piece of paper to be dealt with another time. Why is Mental health not funded? Why is there not more support for those who could do with guidance and support? Why is around 1% of money put into mental health? Why even in 2017 is there not more help for those who desperately seek for it?

Do you know the stories of serial killers who had conditions yet were simply not understood by others? David Berkowitz was responsible for a killing spree from 1976 to 1977 that killed 6 people. After being caught, he claimed that his neighbours dog told him to kill the people. David was diagnosed with paranoid Schizophrenia.

Jeffrey Dahmer was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. He was still viewed as competent to stand trial for killing 17 people and was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. He was later murdered by a fellow inmate.

These are but a few examples of how mental health can lead to horrific consequences. These people had such severe mental illnesses that their minds were responsible for lives being taken. There hasn’t been much help at all into mental health in the past due to the lack of understanding maybe being a major factor however now that it is being understood, why isn’t there more effective places for people to go when they are struggling? Why can’t there be more money put into this department?

If you see someone in pain with a broken leg, you want to help them. You go to hospital and they put a cast on it or some sort of various treatment. When someone is having a mental illness, rather than a physical one, should it be treated and supported equally?

I feel that mental illness should be treated a lot more. The pain may not be one that can be seen, but it is something that someone struggles with constantly. Every day. We should be supporting these people and allowing them to have help. Why is there such limited access for mental health patients to go to receive help? Why is there no money to fund this? Why can’t we realise that if those serial killers had received help and support at the time, they may not have done what they did. We need to now understand mental health and give it more attention. This is happening right now. This is important. This is something that if given to individuals, could prevent lives from being taken.

Although some money is used for mental health, I feel we need more money invested into it. Instead of using it for things that are unnecessary, such as using money into decoration or refurbishment like Big Ben, I feel that mental health should be a priority and thought about.

mental health and suicide.png

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This is important.

This needs publicity.

This needs attention.

Without the victims of mental health receiving help, they become very lost into their own minds as they feel the control slip away.

Please, lets do something about this longitudinal issue. It has been long enough now.

Until next time,





Sometimes it is okay not to be okay

We sit there. We feel empty. We don’t want to socialise with anyone nor do we want to leave the house. We feel like rubbish and we don’t know why. Well sometimes it is okay not to be okay. There are times when we may be in a bad mood where we just feel a bit down and upset. There are always going to be days where this happens and I am here to tell you that it is okay to feel like this sometimes. We are not always going to be in a brilliant mood. There are going to be times where we just want to sleep or be at home relaxing or keeping quiet at college. Everyone understands that bad moods can happen.

It can be even weirder when a mood can change almost automatically. One minute you can be having a laugh with friends and feeling happy and then the next we feel unsociable and quiet. There needs to be times when you convince yourself that you are just in a bad mood that will pass like a rain storm. It is something that will not last forever.

I have it sometimes when I just feel like I want to cry but yet I can’t because there is nothing actually wrong or playing on my mind. There are times when we just need to look after ourselves and ensure that we are okay. We may want to watch a comedy to cheer us up or see someone to make us feel better and this is completely fine to feel this way. Sometimes, I can think about everything in my head as a whole and feel so stressed because I don’t want it to build up. I may be thinking about my driving process or my college work and exams or even just things that people find as a “pointless” problem yet it can really get on top of you. Sometimes it may just be that we need a little TLC, and that is okay.

I feel like it can be beneficial to take a time out from the pressures of life sometimes. A walk or a read can be a good way to escape or meditation can be useful. This doesn’t work for everyone yet I love doing it myself. I can use my breathing as way to escape so that I am focusing purely on my breathing instead of the problems in my head. Feel free to try this technique if you haven’t already by looking online, such as Youtube. It can be good to have a time out sometimes. Allow yourself that break.

If you are feeling a bit down and it is one of those days, just remember that it wont last forever. Even the most happiest people in the world have some days where they feel a bit rubbish. It is something we can all feel from time to time so know that the mood will pass. Talking to friends and family can help make you feel better and doing some of your favourite things to cheer you up can also be good. Bad moods are temporary.

I hope everyone is feeling good. If you are not, have you done anything to try and get you out that mood such as something positive? Have you spoken to friends or family? It is amazing how good friend and family’s support can help. Rely on those who are there for you.

Until next time,



Treasure time like a gift!

Doesn’t time go so quickly? One minute you may be at school wishing that you were at college or at work wishing that holiday would come around and before you know it, you are doing something that came around so quickly.

It is crazy to think that I am going to university this September. I feel like we all rush to be adults and grow up and before we know it, we are paying our taxes and driving and doing things adults would do.

I remember when I was younger and I was blissfully unaware of the stress of being an adult and all the responsibilities and commitments that an adult has. I was excited to grow up but remained playing in my blanket fort whilst colouring in fairy pictures and eating cookies and glasses of milk. I feel that so many young people rush to want to be an adult but yet when we get to that stage, it’s almost as if we try and retreat back to our worry free childhood.

I am not saying that being an adult is all bad. We get so many opportunities in life that may be educational or for a specific career and also driving is an amazing stage in life but I just feel that the stress of exams and job can make us miss our childhood so much.

As time goes so fast in life, I feel as though we should enjoy what happens and what may not happen and just enjoy being a child. I remember being so annoyed when I couldn’t watch 15 rated films or be old enough to drive yet it all comes around. Just enjoy what happens in the moment because we are only a child once.

When we are an adult, try and enjoy the opportunities we have. Go out and have fun and go and learn how to drive. Yes there are bills to pay and yes it can be stressful being old but there is only one chance to live in this world. There is no dress rehearsal. Make every moment count as time is just so precious.

I cannot believe that we are in 2017 and it is the middle of January already. Before I know it, it will be exam time and I will be getting ready for university.

My piece of advice is, do not leave something to the last minute because you think you have loads of time. When university applications open, apply for it as soon as you can to get it out the way and make things easy for yourself. Do your teachers keep telling you to revise yet you haven’t as you think you have ages left? It will come round quickly so start helping yourself out a bit. Be aware of how fast time goes. Once you grow up, time only speeds up so things come around so much more quickly.

Time is such a beautiful aspect of life. It is something that we tend to take for granted and it is something we assume is long, but it really isn’t. Do the things you want to do and treasure every second like a gift.

I hope everyone is feeling good and happy!

Until next time,


And finally, I have overcome Maths!

Do you have anything that you don’t get on with? Do you have difficulty with a certain subject? Something that seems to be like a mental block in your head? When the other people seem to understand but yet you are sitting there, still confused?

For me, this was Maths. I remember always being in the lower ability set for Maths at school and seemed to struggle with anything placed in front of me. I would become frustrated with not understanding things and be left with the feeling “How am I going to pass this?”

I started secondary school averaging at around a grade F. I would stare at the shapes on the page and question what the hell I was looking at. As school life went on, my grades would slowly improve and topics in Maths would slowly click in however I never really fully got it. It was constantly a weakness of mine. As the end of Year 11 progressed, I was moved to do the higher paper instead of the foundation. This was a big thing for me as someone actually believed that I could do it.

So the exam came, and I wont lie, I was terrified. All the tuition I had each week along with the staying behind at school to do maths was what I had on my side. I really wanted this. Unfortunately, I didn’t achieve a C in the paper, however considering I had only been in the higher paper for a matter of months, meaning I had to teach myself all the higher grade stuff, I thought that a D wasn’t that bad in fact. I was disappointed, of course I was, but I knew I would just have to do it at college.

So when I got to college, I did GCSE Maths on a Wednesday evening to prepare for the exam and I again had tuition to help as well as staying behind with the teacher, and yeah I didn’t achieve a C again. For the second time. I will not lie to you, I was devastated. Try an think of something that means so much to you and how you crave to achieve something. This was me. My friends were all passing and succeeding, and there was just me in the background. I kept thinking if I would actually ever get Maths. It was even more frustrating that I was two marks away. I was so close.

So when the chance to do the November resit come up as I was so close before, I knew this was my opportunity. I don’t think I had ever done that much Maths. I did over 30 past papers and went into college in the half term as well as going to extra Wednesday evening classes in order to get me ready for that exam.

On the mornings of my exam, I was so scared. I knew that I needed to get this right. I needed to stop panicking. I needed to overcome my fear for Maths and instead of being afraid of the questions on the page, I needed to take some deep breaths and just go for it.

Leading up to the results day was scary. The night before was a whole lot of overthinking and the morning was even worse. Opening that envelope with the results that determined whether I finally got that C or not was so nerve wrecking. I cannot explain how amazing the feeling was that I had passed. I was so happy to have finally passed! Out of years of being afraid of Maths and spending lots of time trying to just get to that C. FINALLY!

If you are still retaking Maths or you are worried about Maths, please know that it will happen for you. It is going to take some effort and determination and some time, but if it means that much to you then it will happen! Please also look for help if you are really struggling such as Maths teachers or even some help tuition wise! You don’t have to do it alone! Try not to feel low or down or defeated by not getting Maths. It isn’t going to make you feel good if you haven’t got it and you are retaking it, but it can be defeated! Stay determined!

If you have got Maths, WELL DONE! I know how hard it can be to get Maths. For some people, it just doesn’t come naturally. It is something that doesn’t make sense and doesn’t click. If you have got Maths, I think celebrations are in order! Passing maths or English can be a big thing for some people!

I hope everyone is feeling good today! I hope everyone goes on to have a lovely weekend!

Until next time,