Some days can be a challenge…

Sometimes, we will wake up and smile and feel optimistic for the day ahead of us. Another day we would love nothing more than to stay in bed and do nothing. Not every day is going to be easy. There are going to be those days where we feel tired and drained and moody. There will also be those days where we feel excited, happy, motivated and ready for what the day is going to present us with.

I see life sometimes as an obstacle. Sometimes we feel ready enough to step over them high enough so that we do not fall or stumble. We feel as though nothing can bring us down. Sometimes there are times when the obstacles are just too high. We cant seem to get over it so feel like a failure. We struggle to deal with what life throws at us so feel as though everything is going wrong. It can be hard to keep up with the pressures of life. Some days, we are strong and organised and happy to ignore all the negativity in life so that we can focus purely on the positives that remain in our lives. Other days life drags us down and makes us feel as though we are drowning in negativity.

It can be hard to always be okay. There are going to be times when we feel low and grumpy and simply just want bed and chocolate. This is okay. If a university rejects you or a friend falls out with you, we just want the comfort of our bed or from someone we care about. Life can be rough. Life can be hard. If it is one of those days where you just feel as though you need a break, let yourself have it. Go and have a nice bath or go and get into bed. Life can wait until you are feeling more up to it. You are the priority and you are what matters.

I wake up sometimes and realise that all the things I am hiding from, such as English essays or coursework are still there. I admit that I have buried my head in the sand and ignored all the pressures that occurs in my life. It can be so hard to always hide from these. It may always be better to face up to these but in small bites. I try and organise it so that it is not so much stress at once. If you do feel like you are struggling, please try and speak to someone if things are getting on top of you. I know that things can get difficult, but there is ways to deal with it.

On the days where we feel positive, go and do all the things you want to do. Be productive. Be happy. Smile at someone to make them smile. Give someone a compliment. Do something that will make you feel even better about yourself. Don’t waste a good day.

If you are not feeling as good, allow yourself that time to take a break. Go and treat yourself. Talk to a friend if there is anything on your mind. Go to bed and have a nap or watch a funny film. Let yourself have that time and see how you feel tomorrow. If you feel as though you may want to do something to try and cheer you up, go for it! If you just need time, let yourself have it and wake up to a brand new day tomorrow.

We are important. We matter. We are a priority and deserve to feel good. Give ourselves five minutes out of our busy lives to just stop for a moment. Tomorrow is a new day after all.

Until next time,




Are you in a relationship? Do you find yours easy or hard? Would you say that it’s a lot of work? I feel that there can be so many things on our minds when we are in relationships. As a girl, we sometimes doubt ourselves when they don’t call back and we may feel bad when we overthink certain things and then confront them on our thoughts.

I love love. I think that is one of the best things in life. We find someone that we connect with and fall in love with them again and again each day. They make us smile and laugh and feel on top of the world. We have finally met someone that we can be in a loving relationship with. The way we smile when they compliment us and tell us how much we mean to them. I feel that people who are in relationships are lucky. They are with someone who can be their partner, best friend and soulmate.

However I feel that sometimes it can be hard. I am not going to say that love is easy. Love is hard work sometimes. For love, you make time. For love, you put in the effort. For love, we commit a lot towards someone else. A relationship requires a lot of attention and commitment and dedication. When a relationship breaks down, that is when we need to ask ourselves what is going on. Did they stop putting in effort? Did they stop caring? Love is not a walk in the park, but when there are two people who love each other and care and commit to each other, love is beautiful. Love is all about making effort and caring about what happens. If you can be prepared to do this and make the effort, you will have yourself a gorgeous relationship.

I am saying this from experience. I know that love is a beautiful thing, until an argument occurs or a disagreement develops. When this happens, take the time to either grab a breather before taking control of the situation and sorting it out. A worthwhile relationship will do this. Confront the problem and fix it. Arguments tend to mostly be present in a couple but that is what makes them stronger. I find that communication is the key in relationships. As long as you tell each other any concerns or issues that may arise, a relationship will work.

I feel that this blog post was necessary as there are so many people out there that may get stuck about what to do when in relationship. They may be worrying about when they overthink or they may not know what to do in a certain situation but my advice to you is please, talk to them. They won’t bite. If you are with someone who you may have to make adjustments for sometimes and you may have to make that extra bit of effort for, my advice is as long as you love them, you will discover that they are worth it.

I love my relationship. I love spending my time with someone who makes me smile and makes me laugh. It is always amazing to be with someone who makes you feel special and loved. I honestly don’t know what I would do without my boyfriend. My friends and family think a lot of him and I know that he makes me the happiest I think I have ever been. Relationships require time, effort, dedication and commitment. I am willing to give this to my relationship and I guess that’s why it works so well. I would also like to mention how important friends are, before and during and after a relationship. I liked to think that although I entered into a relationship, I still made time to see and be with friends. I still went out to parties and I still met up with valuable, loyal friends. I cant emphasise enough how important friends are. There are going to be there for you in whatever situation, so bearing that in mind I ensured not to forget them and still give time to the other true loves in my life.

If you do not have a relationship currently, just remember that as the saying goes “there are plenty of fish in the sea”. If you are looking for a relationship, please try not to look too hard. I find that you tend to find someone when you least expect it. I used to look for ages for someone who I could be with, and after a while, still single, I realised that I needed to stop looking and focused on my friends and myself a bit more and before I knew it, I found myself a boyfriend.

Do not just settle for someone either. If you think that someone you meet is “good enough” but yet doesn’t make you feel completely happy and fulfilled, don’t just settle for someone just to have someone in your life. Why be with someone who may make you unhappy because you settled when you can be single but happy with the way your life is. Relationships aren’t the only thing going on in your life. There is also family, friends, possibly education that is a part of your life. Why not focus on these things whilst waiting for “the one”. They will come around soon enough.

A relationship will come along when one stops looking. When we learn to love ourselves, then we can share our love to another. I hope those who are with somebody are happy and in love. If not, please remember that it will happen, maybe it just isn’t the right time yet!

Until next time,




Loving our life long friends!

There are times when life can get in the way. Life can totally change the direction of your path. You may be walking towards something with one friend but yet life can take you off the original journey and into something unexpected.

It can also be hard when school ends and friends all drift apart or friends move away. There can be times when we feel lost because we can lose our friends in the way life is structured. When I left school, a lot of my friends went to a different sixth form to me so I no longer saw them five times a week. It can then also be so hard to keep in constant touch with people due to how busy peoples lives can get.

When I think about friends, I think of stars. We may not always see our friends in the clear night sky, but we know that they are there. We know that our friends are there for us whenever we need them. I have some friends that I don’t see as much as I would maybe like to however when I do finally see them, it is like no time has passed. We pick up where we left off and catch up once again.

I feel like on the other hand, there are some friends that may leave our lives for a reason. I believe that everything happens for a reason. At times, there are some friends that leave our lives and go on a separate path away from us. From experience, I know that there are some people I simply don’t keep in touch with. This can be because people change or effort is not put in, but regardless of the reason, friends can sometimes lose touch. At times, this can be sad because they had a big impact on your life, however it is sometimes for the best.

There are some friends that I will make a real effort with, and there are some that you lose touch with and it ends at that.

What I am saying is that although you may not see a friend day in day out, it doesn’t mean that they stop being your friend. They are still going to be there for you when you need a friend, and there for a coffee if you need a catch up. There are always going to be on the other end of the phone.

When you do see a friend that you haven’t seen in ages, give them a big hug and a big smile. Tell them you missed them and have a catch up. Take precious advantage of the time you have with them. There are still dear friends in your life. It is just different lives leading different paths. There can still be times when paths cross and friends reunite. Take pride in those moments.

I love my friends. I love the people in my life. I am grateful for the friends that are there for me and who I do not need to see all the time for them to be labelled as my good friend. Wherever someone may be, as long as effort is put in and time is given to see each other, they can still be great friends to have.

When you next see your friends, love them unconditionally and hug them that little bit tighter. We are so lucky to have good friends in our lives.

Until next time,


I assure you, you will feel better soon.

When we are feeling under the weather, we think that it is always going to be like this. We convince ourselves that we will never be able to feel better again. We think that our plans will be cancelled and that we wont ever be able to leave our bed. I promise you, this isn’t the case.

I haven’t been feeling very well since Monday from suffering with my ear and I wasn’t getting any better throughout the week. I thought to myself that I wont be able to go to work or see any friends or go and make plans. It is a horrible feeling when things get cancelled and you feel as though you have to stay in your pj’s in bed. Its a shame when you cant do what you’d normally be able to do however just know that as soon as you are better, things can get better.

I feel like sleep and rest is the best thing. Although I’ve spent the weekend in bed resting, which can get quite tedious, it is the best thing to get you better. I have been taking antibiotics, painkillers, ibuprofen and ear spray and it is slowly doing its job. I feel that sometimes when you take high dosed antibiotics, it can make you feel rubbish. Just remember that you are on the road to feeling better. Rest up and take medication in order to try and feel better. Its always hard to just do nothing if you have commitments such as work or college but just think of when you will be able to feel back to normal.

I also certainly recommend going to the doctors if you are suffering from something that you cant diagnose yourself. I didn’t know that what I had was a perforated eardrum yet I am glad to have gone to the doctors to check. I was able to get some help for the pain and get some advice on how to help my ear. If you are not sure and you are suffering from pain, go and speak to a professional.

I would also like to advise that you don’t push yourself. If you are evidently not well enough to go to work or college, don’t. It would do you no good if you pushed yourself to go to college for example and you made yourself worse, and therefore longer to get better. I know we all have dedications and sometimes we may feel as though we have to go and push ourselves, but that can do more harm than good sometimes. Our bodies need rest and sleep when we feel rubbish and pushing ourselves to go and burn ourselves out can tend to be the worst option.

We need to allow our bodies to stop. We need a break at times when we are unwell. Allow your body to have what it needs.

I hope everyone is feeling good though! I hope we are all enjoying what life has to offer.

Until next time,