How to love the life you live!

Life can be hard. There is the constant reminder of the bad things that happen in life and how life can knock you down a lot! When being surrounded by the negative aspects of life, just remember that there is some beauty in your life! Whether it is the sun that shines or the smile of someone else!

I went for a walk the other day, and it did me the world of good because I haven’t been in a very good place recently. I walked around a lake and watched all the ducks float on the clear water along with the sun that was shining and the trees that were swaying. I stood there. I stood there because the world around me was so beautiful. I was breathing in the gorgeous air as I was enjoying the sunshine. I feel like doing things like these really put things into perspective. Some of the things we go through are tough, and we can feel as though there is no way out from all your problems. You worry about them. Cry about them. Constantly feel these problems weighing you down on your shoulders. I felt that going on a nice walk in the fresh breeze really did me some good. It made me realise that no matter what happens or what rubbish we go through, things can get better. While I was standing there looking into the distance and admiring the beauty of the lake, it reminded me of my strength and determination. Life knocks you down and you stand back up taller than ever.

lake 1


I just wanted to share the lake with you. Look at the sunlight on the water. Look at the plants dancing in the wind. Look at the nice blue sky with the beautiful clouds drifting in the air. Look at this beauty. I believe that beauty is all around us. There are always so many beautiful aspects of life around us and if we look for this beauty, it will surround us and our lives.

Sometimes, all it takes is a moment to stop. Look at what is around us. Look how beautiful the world is. Look how the grass dances and trees sway in time. Look at the beauty of the water in lakes and rivers when it is shining with sun. Listen to the birds that sing in tune and the wind blowing in the trees and remind yourself of the beauty. Life isn’t that bad when we recognise the gorgeous elements of life. If you are going through something or you feel a bit low or upset, take yourself for nice walk or drive and go and experience the beauty of nature. This most certainly gives you a break from your problems and allows you to recognise the nature that surrounds us. It allows us to remember how amazing it is.

Go and hear those innocent birds sing and go and smile at the clear blue sun. Life really isn’t that bad when you put it into perspective. If you need a moment to go and enjoy the nature, go and take a break. Smile because the world is truly beautiful when we stop to look.

Until next time,



Sometimes, the things that hurt are what is best for you.

Sometimes, there are some things so great that we never want it to end. We want this to be something we never remove from our life. We feel sure to go through with it, even if it does make us cry. I am talking about a relationship.

When we love somebody, we will go through near about anything to stay with them. We will put up with being treated badly and we will allow ourselves to overthink and cry to ourselves in our rooms. We do all this because we just want that somebody in our lives.

We convince ourselves that they love us and they want to be with us and that everything will turn out okay. We allow ourselves to be ignored and we allow ourselves to be treated badly because, they love us of course don’t they? No matter what anyone says, we hold out hope for them to come back to us and fix everything. We justify being treated horribly by thinking they still love us and don’t mean it.

Relationships can be very hard. When things start to turn grey and you go through a rough patch, you think that it is only temporary and so it wont last long. We don’t remember how we deserve to be treated and we ignore our own well being. This is the love of our lives. This is who we have attached ourselves to. This is our partner. Most of the time, we know what they are doing is wrong, yet we put up with it and hope things will turn out okay.

I always remember this. If there is somebody who is making you cry more than laugh and smile, why are you putting up with it? We are beautiful individuals who deserve to be treated right. We deserve the best. As much as you love someone,  it gets to the point when we realise this situation isn’t right and that we deserve better.

A break up is hard. I cant put into words how hard it is to lose someone that you have emotionally invested in. They no longer come round to see you. They no longer call you beautiful and is no longer a part of your life. When this happens, it is tough. It takes a lot of time to heal. It is almost as though you are grieving for a lost relationship. You have lost someone that you have spent a lot of time with.

I knew someone. They had a great relationship and was so very happy. Something suddenly happened which meant that it was out of their control. They were being treated absolutely terribly. They were crying more than they were smiling and they were finding it hard to carry on as normal. They weren’t sleeping or eating properly and they were struggling to remain okay. Besides all the breakdowns and the heartache, they continued to stay with them. Do you know why? They loved them. They didn’t feel as though they could let go of this person or the memories that they shared. Sometimes, the person who you spend a lot of time with and the person that breaks your heart are like two different people.

Memories and photos will always be yours. They will never change. Although the person in the photos may be different, the memory of that day in the park will always stay with you. It is extremely hard to let go. Letting go means cutting ties and cutting ties means eventually trying to move on. As hard as this sounds, it is possible. When you stop letting someone treat you like a doormat who messes you around, you will then be able to make yourself happy and think of your own well being.

When a break up occurs, I would certainly recommend turning to those friends and family that are there for you. They are crucial to help you get through this. When you are in a relationship, it is always good to still make the time for friends and make that equal balance. It is so important to do this so then when you need support and guidance, they are going to be there for you. Friends and family are great for cheering you up and making you feel okay to get through this break up. Friends are going to be there to hold your hand and help you brush off your hands and knees and get back up. Fall down seven times, stand up eight. I know it doesn’t feel like it at all, but things will be okay.

A heart can heal. A heart can be held with a warm presence and fixed. No matter how many times our hearts smash and fall on the floor, it can be fixed. It just takes time.

Don’t let anyone treat you badly. Do not let anyone make you feel as small as a mouse. No matter how much you love somebody and want to be with them, you cant allow yourself to be in pain and agony from being dragged through something bad. Your own well being needs to be considered.

If there is anything else going on in your life such as a work dedication that is important or exams, just think about it- Am I going to let someone make me fail my exams and ruin my work dedications? No. These things are far too important to ruin. It needs to come a time when we need to think of our future and no let anyone ruin what our futures are going to hold. Think of all the potential and success that could be in your future. Do not let anyone ruin your bright future!

I know this is so much easier said than done. I know how hard it is to say something and then actually do it. The thing about a relationship, it s a two way street. It is something that two people need to equally work towards and commit to. Both people need to make the effort and use communication. It is the key to a good relationship. If that person is telling you they love you and want to be with you, they should be showing this. If they say they miss you but then go on to ignore you and make you cry at night, are they really showing it? Is it just words?

We are all amazing people who deserve the best. We need to be with someone who smudges our lipstick, not our mascara. Be with someone who makes you smile, not cry. Be with someone who makes the effort with you just as much as you do. Be with someone who treats you right and who is good to you.

I know we all panic at the thought of a break up because we think of the positives of that person and how we may never find someone like them again. We hate letting go the person who we love. As much as we love somebody and as much as we want to be with someone, how much longer are we going to be put up with being treated horrifically? How much longer are we going to cry for? It gets to a point where enough is enough. Put yourself first and fall on the people who love and care for you for support.

Break up’s suck. Break ups make you cry. Sometimes however, an opportunity to move on and be happy again causes much less hurt than allowing ourselves to stay with someone who makes us feel at our lowest constantly.

I hope this has helped somebody today. I hope this reminds someone of their self worth and that they deserve to be treated right.


Are you struggling with motivation? 

Sometimes it can be hard when everything gets on top of you and you begin to feel drained and tired and as though everything is just so hard! 

Recently, I have been struggling with motivation. When I get college work through such as coursework and essays to write and yet, my motivation is so limited. You would think that as exams are coming around, I would be motivated, yet I am the complete opposite.

I’m not saying that I just decide to miss college and not do any of my work, I do. I ensure that every essay and coursework draft is meeting the deadline however I feel as though my motivation is fading. Last year, I was driven to easily go do my homework and essays however now I am struggling to keep up with it. 

It’s interesting because there are a lot of people in my year that’s struggling with motivation. I mean, I am in my last year of college and going towards the important exams, meaning the workload is just so much more demanding. Maybe it is because I’m deciding to bury my head in the sand and ignore all the pressures of college.

It’s wrong I know that I’m deciding to do this, but I’m really struggling to focus. I am leaving my work until the last minute and ignoring the grades I get. Although I am going to extra revision sessions. I think that because there’s just so much content, work and information this year that I need to remember, I’m deciding to ignore my workload.

The reason I am writing this is to see who else is feeling this way. Whether it’s in the context of college or school, or even work. I am saying that many people are feeling unmotivated and stressed. There is a way to try and fix it.

If you are feeling distracted and pre occupied, such as by your phone, then it might be best to move your phone away (either by turning it off or on silent) to give you the complete focus with your work. You can set yourself a time, such as 15 minutes of studying then you can have a break. I feel that this may work because when we feel bored, we resort to our phones. If they are put away, we may stand a chance of concentrating. 

If you are really struggling with some sort of academic workload, maybe it’s worth being in a controlled environment, such as a library or classroom where you can do some work and be productive. Sometimes I know that I am not going to be able to do work at home so I go to my college library to concentrate. 

You can also talk to teachers and staff if you feel as though you need help. Have a chat with someone and tell them how you are feeling. Try understand that the work is so much harder, so may be able to give you some advice as to how to best get the work done! The same can be said if it’s at your work. There is always going to be someone to talk to if you feel as though you’re struggling.

At the moment, I find myself going to college then coming home then sleeping or resting. I feel so emotionally drained by the workload so therefore I know that I need to ensure I’m in a situation where I can work productively. Do not panic if you are feeling like this. Just help yourself to work by putting yourself in the best situation to work well. 

I apologize for not posting much recently. I have been finding all the work at college a lot to handle so that has almost taken over my mind. I am back and I am pleased to tell you that another throwback blog post will be uploaded later on tonight as well as this one!! 

Blog posts will then be weekly or twice a week whilst leading up to summer exams. 

I hope everyone is happy and healthy! Remember to wear those beautiful smiles!

Until next time,