Life is beautiful- embrace it!

I was driving today and I thought, how beautiful life is. I looked up to the sky and saw the birds and the clouds and the helicopter that flew above me and I realised that although so many things can occur in somebody’s life that causes hassle and issues, it is one remarkable place.

How amazing is it that we can breathe in the cool, sweet air and walk with the breeze in our hair and look at the beauty that this world has to offer. I think that sometimes it can be good to just stop, take a break and take a minute to take in the views and the beauty that this world possesses. I feel that it puts our lives into perspective and makes us discover how amazing it is to be alive.

Sometimes, I get stroppy and annoyed about the little things that really shouldn’t matter. I get grumpy if I am tired or hungover when I should be embracing the beautiful life that I lead and remind myself of what I have. I am such a lucky person to have what I have. I have amazing friends, family and I am a healthy individual who has a good life. I have the rest of my life ahead of me where so many doors can open for me. The world is my oyster and I am so lucky for it.

I feel so sad for the people who are unwell and do not hold a good quality of life. When we have a first world problem and let something really not important get to us, we should really think about what is a benefit in our life. I wake up every morning healthy and happy where I can make plans freely and have the opportunity to do whatever I want where as there are people out there that do not. Some people have conditions where they can’t do what they want, and they wake up feeling horrible. We really need to take the time to put our lives into perspective and cling onto the positives in our lives. Yeah, it can be hard when there is something going on in our life which can bring us down but why don’t we pull on this and stand up tall, defeating this negative energy. Wake up, healthy and happy and change the thing that is trying to drown you.

I am so sorry to those that have horrible things going on in their life and I am sorry if you are not well which can make your life quite difficult to carry out. I find that pulling on the positives that remain in our life is so important, because there is always going to be a positive, however big or small.

Think of the beautiful children that live in undeveloped countries. They live in consistent poverty and lead a horrible life due to the environment they live in. However I have seen videos, photos or heard experiences from people who have visited and seen how happy they are regardless of the life they are being made to live in. You see them grinning at the potential of an education and giggling at the games they play outside. When I see this, it really gets me thinking. Do you know why? Because these children live in a dreary life where they do not have many positives aspects going on, however find the joy from something small but so important. Now how does that relate to us? Because we live in a culture where there is free healthcare, education, a roof over our head and family and friends who care and love us. There are people out there that do not live the luxury of love and a future, which we can take for granted.

I am just writing this because I want people to take a moment every now and then to look. Look at the place we live in and take in the beauty of what surrounds us. Think about how lucky we are and how we do live amazing lives. There can be obstacles that try and knock us down from time to time but overall we are so lucky for what we have. Try and remember that when you have the time. What we easily forget is what others crave. Do not let yourself forget it.

Until next time,


Making the most of opportunities!

Life can be so short. One minute you are growing up as a child, having the time of your life and the next, you are wondering where the time has gone as you pay your bills. 

I feel like when opportunities arise when we can truly live, we should take them. So what if you’re going to be tired, there is time to catch up on sleep but there may not always be that time to walk across the beach with friends making memories. 

I feel like we become so reluctant on whether we should go out or not, whether we should make spontaneous decisions or whether we should even do something out of our comfort zone. I say why not? I talk from experience when I say life flashes by. Take every opportunity you get because it may not be able to arise again.

I love making short notice plans with friends and family as they are the best ones where you can do something completely out the blue and have fun. I think that it is so important to make the time for your family and friends because situations change and the people, in particular your friends, are not always going to be around so make the most of it.

If someone told me that I would of finished school, college and be on my way to university in a matter of weeks, I would not of believed you. It is crazy how fast time flies and people and circumstances change so please go out when you can and see that friend when you can because it is so important to grab those moments with open hands and grasp them. Adore those friends and family members and treasure those memories that you share.

As sad as it is, people that are in our life come and go and paths sometimes become single paths for individual people. Before I know it, my friends will have gone to university, working or traveling and it will be much harder to see them and spend time with them so when you are able to, go and see them. Don’t turn it down if you can do it because otherwise you may regret it. Go out and live lovely people.

There will always be time to catch up on sleep and sort things out but the people that accompany you in your life may change so take the opportunities available to you and go out and have fun. Do not worry if you step out of your comfort zone because we are best to take a step out of what is comfortable. Take a risk and do something with others where you can make memories you’ll treasure forever! 

Go out and walk across that beach and go and see those family members. Do not postpone something or ignore it if you have every capability to be there otherwise you may regret the time you didn’t spend with the people you love. Go out and grab those opportunities and step out of what feels comfortable! You won’t regret the time you spend with the people that are in your life because unfortunately, they may not be there forever. Grasp the opportunities with both hands. 

Until next time,


Feeling lost in the world

Do you ever sit and look? Just look at what is around you? That boy that treated you like rubbish is sitting there looking all smug with is friends and the friends that are no longer friends, but strangers are walking along the pavement totally oblivious to your existence.

It’s sad really when so much changes in your life. You no longer talk to that one person who you thought would be “the one” and you no longer have the best friend, but a stranger that ignores you down the street. It can be so sad to see change and experience change. I feel that when a new chapter opens in your life, like going to university, or leaving school to go to college can create so much change.

When I left school, it was pretty sad because I knew that one big part of my life, with so many different people was ending. I was no longer going to see that group of people five times a week neither was I going to be as close to them. I have tried to stay in contact with as many people as I can from school, or at least tried to put the effort in to keep a friendship going but unfortunately life can get in the way and things can get complicated. People also change, some for the better and some for the worse.

I think life can be so demanding sometimes. When we are chucked so much pressure and complications and just expected to cope with them is when things really get tough. At one point at college, I was trying to balance an education, sleeping, eating, social ties and trying to keep myself going. It doesn’t sound like a lot but when so many things are going on, and all at once, it can be so hard to cope with it.

If you have gone through revision or exams or work recently, I take my hat off to you. It can be so hard to go through it and come out on the other side. I feel that the pressure that is put on individuals to do well and revise and cram all the work into a persons mind is so much to deal with and so therefore the process alone, without the grades is tough enough. It is such a draining experience where it is hard to deal with it when it is occurring. Well done for getting through it and I hope the results are what you want because you deserve it.

I feel that at the time of being a teenager, so much is piled up against us and so many decisions are demanded to be answered. What do you want be when you grow up? What are you going to do at college? What are you going to do at university? Why cant you decide? What are you going to do with your life? Hurry up. To me, it felt like I needed to decide what I was going to do with my life and make the decision quickly in order to satisfy others and it was hard. I really wish that there wasn’t so much pressure put on people who may not have a clue on which path their life is destined to go. Do you know what? That’s okay.

Life is hard. Sometimes you just want all the pressure, decisions and drama to stop. I know i feel like this from time to time. It can be hard to be okay all the time so when there is the opportunity to go for a walk or curl up in bed and watch a film, it is an opportunity that needs to be taken sometimes. People aren’t horrible. People do just want the best for you and want you to be happy but sometimes we do just need a break from societies pressure. That is also okay. Don’t be afraid to take a time out.

I am sorry that i haven’t written recently. It has been so hard with the period of exams then i have been catching up with everything so not had the time to just do what i love and that is to write. I hope you are all okay and happy.

If you are not feeling happy, i have always been the big believer that it is only the person who can do something about it and help themselves to feel better. That is the starting point anyway. There are always going to be others beside you for support if you get stuck along the way. Try and change your emotions so that you try and feel better. You deserve to feel only the best. Don’t forget that.

All my love and until next time,