Everything happens for a reason

In life, I feel like there are so many things that occur and yet we have no explanation for them. Something may happen and we think “Why? Why did that just happen?” yet I believe that everything that happens to us is meaningful and will give us an answer at one point or another.

There has been plenty of things to happen to me in my life and there’s been plenty of occasions when I don’t know why it has happened. Later on however there comes an answer and we can begin to realise why something has happened. I think we should just allow something to happen and not dwell on why it has happened, but give time to realise the meaning of it.

In life, I believe we have a path. The path may change direction and the path may not be one that is straight but I feel it has a designed destination for us. This ending may not be expected and it may not be how we imagine it, but I believe that we walk along this path to end up somewhere that is planned for us.

So many things can happen to us where it has made us happy, sad, disappointed or relieved and yet we can ask ourselves why this has happened. A relationship ends or parents separate or you go through something unpleasant. It can be hard to immediately pinpoint an answer. I usually have no idea why something has happened until later on, it all makes sense. Something may happen to us that doesn’t make us feel good in the short term, but yet is what we discover to be helpful to us in the long term. Don’t question it when something happens, just let ourselves discover the meaning in time. Everything happens for a reason.

So as I sit here at university and I write this blog post, I think to myself “Is this the right decision for me?” and “Can I really do this?” yet I feel like the path that has been set for me has taken me on this journey and it will guide me to better things for the future. I feel like meeting all these people and doing the course that I am doing is what is right for me. It is something that I need to do and a journey I need to go on to lead me to my destination. It is going to be a bumpy road as it is not going to be easy, but yet it will make my future a lot brighter.

Sometimes when you sit down and think about things that have happened to you or you are going through something that may not have an answer yet, try and think that everything has a purpose. Everything we go through in this life is something that will help us and our future. We may not know that yet but it will benefit us in the long run.

For example, the relationship that you had which ended may of been difficult to overcome and hard to get through in the short term, but I think you discover why it ended. I was mortified when my relationship ended because it was completely unexpected, and you find it hard because all of those feelings are still there, yet after I gave it time, I think I realised why it ended and how much better it was for me to not be with that person. It can be very hard to find a reason to why something has happened, but for me I know it happened because now I am a happier individual that doesn’t have anything toxic in their life. It will make sense in the end I promise.

Until next time,


Adjusting to change

So as a lot of you know, I have had quite a big change recently. I have began university. I know what some of you may think….”You have moved out of home?!”, “You are studying a degree?”. The answer to your questions? Yes. Yes I have moved out of home and so I live alone and I am studying a Creative Writing degree. Scary right?

I know a lot of people who have done the same and gone to university. I feel that it is such a big thing which can hit you like a ton of bricks when you get there. It hit me when I got there and moved all my stuff in and then my parents left. You sit there and think how you are now an independent individual who is living alone. Don’t panic because everyone is in the same boat.

So you move in and realise that there are people around you who are going to be your flatmates for the year. It can be quite a nerve racking thing having to get to know the people however I found that just by introducing yourself and being yourself is the best thing. A conversation will flow naturally and you will soon get to know these people. I was so scared to meet the people I live with however once I got there I realised that these people were lovely and feeling exactly the same as me. Everyone feels the same. Do not feel alone. Just talk to them like you normally would and a friendship can begin to blossom. Time is the best giver so give yourself the time to form relationships and it will come naturally. I have only been here for six days and yet my flatmates are already like my second family. I think they are such amazing people and I am really glad to be sharing with them.

However, if you weren’t like me and you don’t get on with your flatmates, remember that there are other people to meet and become friends with. There are going to be other people to meet and get to know. There are going to be people on your course and in your flat block that you can get to know and become friends with. I’ve found that everyone at university is so friendly and easy to talk to. I’ve met people through taking the recycling down and going to reception so it can be quite easy to do it!!

If you are living with people who seem nice but it is still a bit awkward, I would say just try and give it time. There are going to be a range of personalities that you are living with such as someone who is confident and outgoing and someone who is a bit enclosed however time can help that. Some people may be finding it hard to adjust and so need a bit of time to come out of their shell. Just try talking to them and being yourself and that can drive more of a connection. As a flat, we sit in the kitchen so that we can talk and catch up, which can be nice instead of being in your room. Sometimes I find that sitting in your room can make you overthink and make you a bit homesick so that’s why I like being around people. However don’t get me wrong, sometimes a bit of “you” time can be so needed when things become a bit overwhelming .We still need that bit of downtime so allow yourself to have that time. Everyone needs it so people will understand.

I would just say to give university time. It is a MASSIVE thing moving and living alone and studying a degree. It is not an easy transition so give time to settle in and get used to it. Many people have said that once you settle in and become used to your surroundings, university will be the best thing you do. It is such a step up from the usual education you are used to and is so much fun! Time is the best thing, so give it.

Freshers is pretty amazing too! It allows you to meet other people, settle in to the atmosphere you’re in and get drunk (Which is a bonus!). I love freshers because I meet different people each time I am out. I love being able to let my hair down and relax. If this isn’t you, that isn’t a problem. Going out and drinking is certainly not everybody’s cup of tea so for those that want to stay in, that is fine. I respect people who want to stay in and know not to pester them about coming out as it isn’t for everyone. If you do go out though, please be safe! Get there and back safely! Look after yourself!

So for those who are at university at the moment and are a fresher…HAVE FUN! It is such an exciting aspect and is something I think I will always remember! Meet lots of new people who may even be life long friends and go out and get that degree! I think it’ll be hard work but will certainly be worth it! Take it one step at a time and stay safe!

If you are worried about anything such as finance, mental health or anything else, remember that there are going to be people to talk to! There will be staff on board that can give you some help or there are going to be people around you to talk to. Talk to people on your course or in your flat. There will always be someone to talk things through with.

So far…I am loving university!! I am loving meeting new people and engaging in something that I have a passion for which is my writing and I adore the people I live with. I hope those who are also at uni are enjoying it and having fun!

Stay safe and keep smiling lovely people!

Until next time,