Having time to yourself.

We all know when times get rough and you become stressed by everything going on. Work is busy or the college or university workload can be a lot but I think it’s so important to find the time for yourself. Have a bath, watch a film, read a book or go for a nice walk somewhere. Having the time to yourself can be really helpful as it can help you to think and reflect on everything and be in a much better place. I find that when I had a nice bath with some Lush bath bombs, watching Miranda as I soaked was so nice for me as it made me just relax and stop.

Now being at university, working and socialising I find that having the time to just stop and relax can be hard to do. I think it is good to find the time to do this because it can really help you as a person and can help your mood. From me having a nice hot bath I felt much happier and at ease with everything as I had just relaxed and chilled out.

Life can get busy and complicated where you feel as though you are always on the go. It can be tough but I see it as; there will always be the time if you make it. Have a free couple of hours or an evening where you can do what makes you happy then take it. It can really help you, whether you think so or not. If you want a walk where you can take in some fresh air and look at the nature then do it!  Life gets busy but make the time for yourself- you won’t realise how much you need it until you do it.

When life gets too hard, just think about it logically and how it’s straightforward. I like to put it in boxes and files in my head where I can organise it and make a plan to handle it all. Whether that’s for the workload or things at home or your job, you can always find a way to control the stress and make the time for YOU. That’s all that matters.

So when you feel yourself getting upset, stressed or you feel as though you’re not yourself then take a moment to just stop, think in the present and revaluate everything.

You are all that matters, don’t forget yourself and your time out.

Until next time,



The ones who walk the streets.

I have just got back from a night out. I am in my bed with my duvet, blanket and pillows. I have the window open a little bit and I am warm and comfortable. I am lying here thinking of those out there who make their home up outside a shop door.

They are hungry and thirsty. They can’t remember the last time they had something to eat. They are begging for some help. I stand by him and talk to him. He lost his home when he couldn’t pay his rent, due to being in hospital for months. He now lives on the streets carrying an old sleeping bag and some dirty clothes stick to his skin. Speaking to him and empathising with his life, I feel sad. I feel so privileged to have the life I have. I have a home and clothes and a job and a boyfriend and friends and family and so much going for me. These people have nothing and rely on the people who walk past to stop their stomaches rumbling. We are the people to make a difference. So why don’t we?

I understand that there are some out there who may not be completely genuine and who may not need our help, but I know there are plenty out there who do.

I helped donate some things to the homeless shelter we temporarily set up in my town when the snow weekend occurred. Walking in I saw some people huddled up for warmth and two of them had dogs. Both dogs were so happy and friendly and the men were really lovely people. They told me where their usual sleeping places were and what they do day in and day out. I cried when I left because I honestly can’t believe how so people have to live.

Another man tonight came up to us and asked us if we liked his new coat. It was a designer coat that someone had donated to him and he couldn’t of been happier. I smile when I see people like that because it shows that someone like that can make others completely over the moon. When we get things like this, we can sometimes take it for granted so much so I just want everyone to see how others can live and remind ourselves just how fortunate we are.

When you see a homeless person, maybe think why they are there and ask yourselves what you can do to help. I don’t tend to give money to the homeless but instead buy them some food (proper cheap if you go to Greggs or Mcdonalds) and ensure they have had something to eat and drink. Something little can go a long way. £2 out your bank can make a young mans day. See what you can do to help and make such a difference.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely day and are feeling happy and positive.

Until next time,