Don’t rush through life…

We are all so busy with our own lives. Working, studying, seeing friends, seeing family and it can all get a bit hectic from time to time. Sometimes we are wishing time away when we are going through something stressful or horrid. Why are we rushing when this life is the real thing? It’s not a dress rehearsal- this is it.

When I’m missing home and looking towards Christmas, sometimes I find myself wishing time would go faster and that the time would come around quicker. Why am I doing this? Why am I not living in the moment and treasuring the time I have? I don’t want to go through life rushing and then ten years later wish I’d done things differently. I don’t want to have any regrets and be in my late twenties, wishing I was a teenager again. Instead of wanting time to pass, why not fill that time in with things you love. Why not have a nice bath or go see some friends or go for a run? Do what makes you happy and enjoy your time. Live in it. Thrive in it.

I’ve spoken to plenty of people who all wish they didn’t rush to grow up. So many people all want to be adults and be older and then forget about just being a child and having fun. Then when you do get to being an adult, you wonder why you rushed your childhood. You can be intrigued and look forward to that time in the future, but don’t waste time and wish it away. You’ll never get it back so treasure it.

I went for a nice walk on Wednesday up Dartmoor and it was lovely. I could see amazing views and saw wild Ponies and Sheep and I found it so therapeutic being around nature and breathing in the fresh air. That’s when I really thought about time and to just live in it rather than pushing it away. I sat on a rock and saw the clear sky and the fresh smells and just sat in the present. I wasn’t thinking about the past nor the future…I was just relaxing in the present and enjoying my time on the walk.

Why not take a moment, every once and a while to just stop thinking about the pressures of life and the things on your mind and just stop. Stop and enjoy the time. Don’t think about anything else.

I hope this has helped and made you want to give this a go. It really does help make you think more about your time and how quickly it really goes.

Until next time,


You don’t need to touch me to move past…

Dancing in a nightclub.  You’re laughing and joking with your friends and holding a vodka and coke as you dance. You love this song. You love the music. You aren’t even thinking about anything else. The music is blaring and you scream and giggle and all is good. Someone tries to get past and you feel their hand on you. They are holding your bum on their way past and then another touches your waist. You turn around to see a guy winking at you and grinning. You feel like rubbish and wonder why the hell someone would need to intimately touch you to simply walk past. Nobody would do it on the high street in town or in a restaurant. Why do it here and now?

It makes me angry that people don’t see the wrong in this. You are just trying to have a good time and enjoy your night out with your friends. You just want to keep yourself to yourself, buy a few drinks and dance the night away.

Hey mate,

You know you ruined my night right? You know that as you held your hand against my bum and tried to squeeze it ever so casually was when I stopped dancing and singing along to the lyrics. You are aware that when you put your hand on my waist, touching my high waisted leather skirt, I felt as though you had treated me like a piece of meat? You know that your hands wandering around my body made me feel as though you didn’t give a damn about me or didn’t care about what you were doing?

Do you understand what you’ve done? Do you?

He replies.

Hey sexy,

I thought you looked sexy. I saw you there in that bralet and that skirt and wow you looked hot. I saw you from the other side of the dancefloor and wanted to touch you. I caught sight of your cleavage and assumed you were doing it for attention. I think you looked fit. When I walked past you I brushed past your ass and god, it felt good. I was just walking past and thought you wouldn’t mind. It’s a joke, right?

You’re not actually bothered are you? It’s what happens in a nightclub yeah?

No matter what a girl wears, it doesn’t mean you can touch them and treat them any less than a person. A young lady who needs to be treated with respect. A girl who dresses in a crop top, skirt, dress or whatever means that she wants to wear it because she wants to feel pretty and good about herself. That’s all. I go out in bralets and short dresses but I’m with someone and have no interest in anybody else. I don’t go out because I want attention or to pull. I go out because I want to feel sexy and beautiful and have fun with the people I’m with. Period.

So when you’re in the club, have fun with the people you’re with and keep your hands to yourself. Don’t assume that you can touch that ass because it’s ‘nice’ or that you can put your arm round her and touch her boobs because she’s ‘pissed’. Everyone should be treated with respect.

On a side note- Please can we all be aware of World Mental Health Awareness day today and how this should be thought about every day as opposed to just one day. Be kind always and think of those who may not be okay. Keep an eye out and be thoughtful of others. Don’t ignore someone’s pain. It’s so easy to let someone know you’re there for them and help them if they need help. It’s okay not to be okay guys. There will always be a place to go if you feel yourself going down a dark hole. Help is always there for you.

Until next time,