Why don’t we smile more?

I was driving home from university today and I saw a man crossing the road. I looked out my window and smiled at him. He smiled back and it made me think, why don’t we smile more? Why don’t we show kindness and compassion more? This world can be hard enough and with people always going through stuff in their lives, I think it’s nice to just smile or do nice things every once and a while.

When I’m going through something horrid, I can tend to be in a bad mood for it. I can be grumpy or rushing around stressing, and I’ve had it before when people have held a door open for me or complimented me or smiled, and honestly it’s made my day. I don’t think we realise just how effortless it is to be kind and random to people we see out and about. It costs nothing and yet it can make somebody’s day.

There are going to be people who may not smile back, or say thank you, but I think like everything that’s gonna happen. There will always be people like that, but I come across those who are genuine and kind and that’s why it’s worth doing it. If you don’t get the response back that you’re looking for, it’s a shame. If you do however, you can make them a lot happier with their day and you can feel good about yourselves. Give it a go! What have you got to lose?

I love being kind and going that extra mile. I love giving a homeless person a drink or a sandwich and I love giving up my feet for someone who needs it more than me. I love smiling at an old lady or grinning at a baby in a pram. I think it’s something little that can make such a difference, so why not see how you get on? I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Give other people a positive day and show those out there that there are nice people in the world who care and are nice to see. When you see a person looking sad in the high street, smile at them. If there’s an elderly lady walking down your wrong, why not wish her a good morning and a smile? If you see someone you know, ask them how they are and make an effort, it goes such a long way, trust me!

Have a great day everyone, and Happy Mother’s Day!!

Until next time,


Make yourself happy.

At the end of the day, this life that we live isn’t a dress rehearsal. It’s the real thing. I think it’s so important to be happy and to do the things that you wanna do to make you laugh and smile. Why do anything in this world if it makes you miserable?

I know there’s people out there that have jobs that they hate, or live in a life that they don’t enjoy, so why not do something about it? I know plenty of people that have regrets and hate going to their office job, or don’t like going home and I just think it’s a shame. I understand that there are specific circumstances sometimes and it’s really hard to change, but I wonder, can we try to? I’ve been in a job that I hate and it makes me miserable to go. I wouldn’t wanna get up and travel there and I wouldn’t want to actually work, and one day I realised I needed to do something about it. I needed to quit and find something else because it wasn’t making me happy. I thought long and hard about it because it was nice to get the money and all, but if its feeling sad and fed up the whole time, just to get a bit of money in the bank balance at the end of the month, it just isn’t worth it. If this is you and you aren’t happy, why not have a look online for other jobs that are out there and change it. Just think how much happier it’ll make you.

I also know people that don’t enjoy going home, for whatever reason. They feel trapped and alone and so they will stall to not go there. I think this is so sad because your home should be somewhere where you can go that’s safe and homely. It shouldn’t be a place you dread all day, but something to look forward to. Why not find out what is making you not want to go home and try and fix that problem? I get that it’s not always the easiest thing, because some things are horrible and out of your control, but there can be times when you can fix it. Try it! There is also the option to speak to someone about it- always! There will be someone to confide in when you feel able to speak; a parent, a friend, a teacher or a counsellor. They could help you if you feel you couldn’t on your own. I just want people to be happy and enjoying themselves. Don’t be in something when your heart isn’t in it.

Of course there’s gonna be school or university or a task that you may not like. I feel that with things like this, there is gonna be parts that don’t suit you, but overall you see what’s truly important. I don’t think many people are a fan of school, but you enjoy seeing the friends and having the routine and making a future for yourself. University now can get hard, but I try not to think of the assessment work or the pressure of the workload, but instead look at the friends I’ve made and the independence I’ve found through living for myself. I’ve changed a lot as a person from coming to university, so I look at that and that is what makes me happy.

What makes you happy? Think about it. A film maybe or a bath or seeing a friend? Why not organise the time to see them? It’ll help so much because you’ll be doing the things that make you smile. You’ll be able to watch Miranda in the bath or you’ll reminisce on that really funny story with your close friend. All these things help, and without them you wont be able to get that time for you. You won’t be able to relax or chill. You’ve got to treat yourself and give yourself that time out. If you don’t, then it just makes you in a routine feeling low. I had some time when I was on the go constantly with work and then with uni and I didn’t have any time for myself. I hated it because I didn’t stop and so couldn’t enjoy a break. It brought me down, so now I make sure I do something for myself regularly.

Whatever does it, make yourself smile. Go out and have a pizza or go and watch that movie. I wanna see that lovely smile of yours.

Until next time,


Taking a break.

I thought it would be useful to write about taking a break. When things get tough and you just need a break, allow yourself to have one. I find that when everything bombards me in Cheltenham, sometimes I need to go back home or away somewhere to get away. Don’t let yourself drown in all the pressure- take a breather.

I went to Manchester last week and then straight to Spain and it really caught up with me. I came back feeling so run down and tired and I feel like sometimes its best to make sure you have that lie in or that movie time so then you can have that down time to just do your own thing. If you go full steam ahead and don’t stop then you end up paying for it and feel rubbish. I’ve learnt that the hard way and know that I now need to rest and take it easy in order to be okay for busy periods.

When you have a busy schedule and you’re working loads or got a big deadline coming up, make sure you stop and take a break or you won’t be able to function and do the things you wanna do right. It’s all good and well working non stop and busy so busy, but our bodies can’t keep up with it all the time and need to stop.

Let yourself have a treat too! Why not buy a chocolate bar or have that nice bath with a bath bomb. Do what makes you happy and enjoy your own time to just relax. If we don’t relax, then we won’t be able to do the things we wanna do well, or as well as we could and then it’s a really hard task. When I wanna do some work, I make sure I have some time to watch TV or have a bath because then I feel like I can now do it because I’ve had that time for me. It really helps!

be gentle.jpgtake a break please.jpg

take a break.jpgtake the time.jpg

Don’t be too hard on yourself, you can’t do anything. You are an amazing person and make sure you get that break! Have a healthy balance.

Much love and until next time,