Expect the unexpected sometimes…

Who said life is a smooth ride? A journey that doesn’t go over any obstacles or have any bumps in the road. I have learnt that in the last few weeks. I have found that there are going to be things that go on in life that are completely out of our control and something we need to accept, deal with and accept whilst we get through it.

Sometimes, it means we have to alter and change plans and commitments and prioritise what is important. There will be times when it gets difficult and it feels as though you can’t do it, but I promise you, it will be okay. If you have to cancel plans with people, I think this also shows you who your true friends are. Some people will moan and complain and get annoyed with you, but others will be really supportive and help you through it. I think when something bad happens, it does show you who is really there for you. If there are those that you don’t hear from, that will then show you something about the people around you. With what’s happened with me lately, I have really discovered who’s there for me and who’s not. I think I would know now who I’m going to keep in touch with after university, and who will fizzle out when we leave.

Thinking more about yourself, I would say please take care of you. There is nothing worse than being run down, low and unwell when you are trying to be there for someone or sort something out. What good are you to someone if you aren’t even good yourself? That’s what people always tell me if I am not doing well, because surely I can’t be any good to anyone else? Go and have that hot bath or go and watch that tv show. Relax and be good to yourself. If you are getting upset with the situation and you feel really low, please know it is temporary and it will get better. I went really sad last week and thought this feeling would be here forever. I convinced myself that I would always feel that way and that I wouldn’t be okay. I was exhausted and drained but the people close to me reminded me that it will be okay. Things usually get bad before they get better and I kept telling myself that. What happens before a rainbow? Rain.

I certainly think it makes you stronger too. It forces you to carry on, face it and get through it, which takes a lot. I know how it feels to think you can’t do it, and that you’re not brave enough, but you will surprise yourself. It is always good because as well as being lovely and strong yourself, you will also have people around you to help in case you lose your balance and start to fall a little. They are the people to catch you and get you up straight again. I had times when I thought I couldn’t do it and that I would give up, but the people around me told me I could do it. I was strong enough and I did do it. You can too.

When life throws you lemons, karate chop them and make that flipping lemonade. Show them who’s boss and do everyone proud. Show yourself just how great you are. We can all get through a tough time and it will make you better for it. It will enhance the better times and make you appreciate the better days too. Everything will be okay, just hang on in there okay?

Lots of love and take care of yourself.

Until next time,