Don’t rush because it’ll happen when it happens.

Hey you lovely people! How are you all doing? I hope your Summer is going well and you aren’t working too hard! If you’re like me and you are working a lot, try and still do things outside of work which make you happy. Go for a meal or see a friend or maybe family? Don’t let work be the only thing you do or you’ll go mad!

I myself feel this way, so thought it would be worth writing a post on it to see if anyone can relate. Since finishing university this year in May, I’ve found myself going into work from one to another. I do long hours and get up early, but make some money so i guess it’s not all bad. I think because i need the money, sometimes it can be hard to do anything else when you want the hours and work. I’ve realized that although I know i need to work, it doesn’t mean i can’t have fun and make the most of my Summer before third year comes around.

Even if you do an all day shift, it can be nice to go home and chill, but why not maybe meet a friend for a few hours or go and do something before heading home? I don’t want to look back on Summer and see all i did was worked. I want to be able to look back on memories and say I’ve seen friends and family and gone on day trips or a festival. You only have one life and it’s not a dress rehearsal- live it right and love every minute! Take every opportunity and embrace it!

I think sometimes you will just want to do nothing and relax, which don’t get me wrong, is absolutely fine! You are going to have the time to do that, but maybe ensure you do other things too? I like having a balance between work and play, so will try and go out and be active as well as earning money, because i think that’s important.

So, what’s the point in this post? I think the real message here is that you should grab every opportunity with both hands and make those arrangements. Go and see that friend that wants to see you or go and pop out with your parent. Make sure you see everyone you want to see over the Summer break and don’t go back to work or back to university with any regrets. Live those days and evenings to the fullest. Go and see that sunset or take a late night drive and don’t forget to smile!

I must be so impatient because I’m worrying about how there’s so much i haven’t done yet before I go back to university like nights out/ catching up with people/day trips and a holiday and festival, but i think it’s good to remember that it will happen when it happens if you put your mind to it. There is always going to be the opportunity to do these things, you just need to find the time and make it happen.

Hope this has helped people like me who was worrying about it! It will all happen, just set your mind to it, be determined and it will all work out.

Until next time,