Good and bad days!

Hey everyone! How are we feeling? Sorry for being a bit MIA, I’m currently in my last year of University so it’s been so hectic and all over the place with the workload and deadlines. I’ve decided It’ll be nice to write a blog post about when you have good and bad days and how to get through both with a smile of your face.

In life, we all have really good days, where everything goes right and you’re in such  good place and mood. You’re smiling and joking with people and you’re really feeling yourself and your clothes etc and you know nothing will ruin it. Other days, you feel rubbish and everything goes wrong and you just want it to be over. Trust me, I have both of these days and I find it tough to manage the bad days sometimes. I feel like writing this will help me when I next have a bad day and I hope it will help others too.

Here’s an example of one of my bad days. You wake up and you already feel moody, so being around others can irritate you and then you go to university and receive feedback but you’re not in the right mindset to get those comments and then you end up falling out and arguing with others and then you are rushing around with time when you’ve got so much to do. You want to help a friend but you need to book onto ambassador work then you need to make up with someone. It all can get a bit too much. I’ve felt like a headless chicken at times and so flustered with everything going on. I get into bed and can’t wait to sleep because I’m so buzzing for this day to be over. I’ll get into bed thinking ‘Tomorrow’s a new day.’ I’m hoping that the next day will be better, but I wake up and go to sleep moody.

Here’s how I’ve started trying to cope with a bad day. I wake up but I smile in the mirror or listen to a good song as I’m getting ready. I tell myself an inspirational quote to get me motivated and then I chat with others who I see. I may briefly mention that today is a tough day, but that I’m trying to make it better. We talk about the other person and I get invested into what they say. I go to university and instead of looking at the bad comments, I look more at the good and take on board the constructive criticism. I take it all in and know that I will be able to edit my work and change it, but maybe tomorrow. I walk away from any point of conflict and try not to get into any sort of confrontation. I go home and manage my time so that I can book onto work, without it stressing me out or impacting me. It’s just work. It’s not the end of the world if I don’t book onto all of the work, but if I do that would be great. When I feel myself getting stressed or panicky, I stand still and stop, wait a second and take deep breaths. I breath in, then out, then back in and I find myself in the present. I feel the moment I’m in and I feel calmer already. I know that I  can deal with everything I need to and that everything will be okay. It’s fine. I get into bed knowing that today wasn’t the best day, but it wasn’t bad. I put things into perspective and took a moment. I looked with a different mindset and all the things I did changed my mood and my day. It’s all about what you can or can’t control.

Equally, when you have a good day, it’s all about living in it, knowing how precious it is and really remembering it. When I have a good day, and everything  goes right, I know to really treasure every second. I tell myself that what I’m feeling is such a good feeling and I won’t get everyday to feel like this. I tell people that today is a good day, and try to help those that may be having a bad one. I try and give the advice to change what you can control, as above, and I think it helps a lot of people. I just think that it’s not wallowing in the bad days, but also not taking the good days for granted, it’s accepting both and knowing that they will both happen.

Remember, there’s only so much you can control. Sometimes, I smile at myself and although I’m not feeling my best, it does make a difference. It does cheer you up a little bit if you smile to yourself and have that positive mindset. Look at the beautiful things in life and live in every second. Every part of life is so important so I don’t like to waste it.

We are all so lucky to be alive, and healthy, and happy. Let’s give ourselves a little smile and pep talk in the mirror as we get ready. It’ll make the absolute difference.

Lots of love and remember, we are all beautiful and so so lucky.

Until next time,