It’s about time that we learnt to love ourselves.

Do you look in the mirror in the morning? Do you see your reflection in a car window? What do you see? Like it?

I went on a night out on Wednesday and you know when you are getting all dressed up…putting makeup on…straightening your hair maybe? You want to feel good about yourself when you are doing this. You want to feel beautiful and pretty. Sometimes, I do feel like this when I look at myself in the mirror, and then other times I don’t. I think we can all relate to this from time to time.

You know we compare ourselves to other people? We may see a girl with really nice hair or another girl with nice legs. When she see these people, I know that we can sometimes wish we were them. We wish we were thinner or had longer blonde hair or had different teeth. I know because I’ve done it myself. I’ve done this at a club, in a park, in a Tv show. I remember watching Geordie Shore when I was a teenager and I would see them looking good all the time and going out on dates and I’d think ‘Why doesn’t that happen to me?’ I know now that it’s all fake what we watch on TV and to get your hair and makeup like that takes hours. It’s not realistic. Lets stop comparing ourselves to people or things that are not real.

The same goes for Love Island. I watch it and I enjoy watching it, but I used to compare myself to the girls in there wearing tight bikinis and then tight short dresses in the evenings. I used to wonder why I wasn’t like that. All the girls in there are thin (why isn’t there more of a variety) , so I always thought I need to be like that. right?

The answer is no. It isn’t real life. Not every girl you meet is going to look like that. We come in all different shapes and sizes and I think we need to remember that. Everyone is beautiful. Whether we are thin, curvy, short or tall…we are gorgeous people.

On Wednesday night, I looked in the mirror and simply smiled. I told myself I looked good and I was beautiful. I said I was going to have a good night and I wasn’t going to worry. I don’t think that we are being big headed by doing this because it’s always important to be reminded of this. We need to know our worth and our beautifulness. We need to tell ourselves how fab we look and how we are perfect just the way we are. Try not to compare yourself to others when you are lush just as you already are.

Be confident. Respect yourself and make others respect you. Be beautiful and just smile. Do you know how great it is just smiling? I feel so good when I do it. It sets you up to have a great day if you try it in the morning. Give it a go. What have you got to lose?

Have a great day everyone! You are beautiful and inspiring. Keep going as you are.

Until next time,