Day 2. ‘Nothing matters half so much as you think it does.’

‘Nothing matters half so much as you think it does.’ 

After speaking to a lovely person last night, she kindly gave me this quote as inspiration. I think it’s such a great one to go by because it’s all about putting things into perspective, and seeing the bigger picture. In times like this, I really think it’s important to look at everything and think positively.

There were two highlights of my day today. As soon as I woke up, I went into the garden. We have a gazebo and seating underneath so it was lovely to be able to sit underneath and listen to the rain. I find it very comforting and therapeutic. I’ve always loved listening to it. When I was younger, I used to sit on the doorstep or porch and watch it as I wrote short stories and poems. That was what really got me into writing. Now I associate it with peace and tranquillity. I was out there for most of the day today, on my phone or doing work. I looked at the plants whilst I was out there and saw the rain dropping onto the leaves. I could see them being watered, looking all healthy and it really stood out to me today. I decided to take a photo of it so that I could show you something that made me smile today.

Plants 1

There’s beauty in everything, if you look hard enough. 

The other thing that really made me smile today was once again, one of my dogs. When it’s pouring it down outside, dripping down the window glass and you’re inside feeling all warm and cosy, the cherry on top of the cake is a cuddle from my puppy dog, Flynn. As soon as I sat down on the sofa, he came and sat with me and then he put my head on my lap. He then fell asleep. It was lovely having some time with him and seeing him get all close to me. When I looked at him, I realised how innocent dogs are and give you such unconditional love. It really did amaze me.

Flynn cuddles 1

A great companion and friend. 

Here’s some tips that I got from today and wanted to share:

  •  Remember that we have never experienced anything like this before. This pandemic is really scary, and makes things really uncertain. If you feel overwhelmed or stressed, give yourself that reminder.
  •  Look around at the people you’ve got around you. All the love, support and company. Don’t look at this at ‘stuck at home.’ Look at it as ‘staying safe at home.’ I’ve seen a lot of stuff out there about why we are all staying at home. It’s because we don’t want to lose anyone along the way. We want to come out of this with no missing puzzle pieces. We want all our loved ones to be protected and united.
  •  If you are trying to do work or some sort of project, and you find yourself not being able to do it, or concentrate, take that breather and come back to it. I am finding it so hard to do my uni work, but when I can’t do it, I try and accept it. I go and do something else then when I come back, I try again. Don’t be so hard on yourself and take that bit of motivation when you feel it.
  •  Look at cute videos. I am living for animal or baby videos right now. When I feel sad or anxious, I go onto Facebook and look at things like this to cheer me up. It is always very successful! Whatever makes you happy, do it or watch it. I like doing this because it distracts me from what is going on at the moment and lets me escape for a bit. I feel we could all appreciate the escapism from time to time.


As said before, stay safe and look after your lovely selves. It will all be okay.

‘Nothing matters half so much as you think it does.’ 

Until tomorrow,


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