Day 7. “I want to see what happens if I don’t give up.”

Hello everyone! What a great quote. This is one I want to live by today, for sure. I think as this situation goes on, some people are getting a little restless and bored. This is completely understandable! It’s something that’s completely alien to us, and it is such weird times right now. Give yourself that pep talk when needed to get you up again. It is so easy to just accept defeat. Let’s carry on and not give up.

It was my boyfriends birthday yesterday, and as some people may know, it’s in your head that you’ve got to pull out all the stops in order to make it the best day possible. I was very conscious that we are at home and can’t go anywhere, so I decorated the house, made a cake, got him some presents and a card and tried to give my full attention. Because there’s always been the option to go out and go to places for a birthday, I didn’t really know how to plan the day. For those of you who have this coming up and you’re worrying about it, just be you. Be around for them, do things that they want to do, and don’t worry because they will understand. This is unusual times. They will appreciate the thought and love it all regardless. “It’s the thought that counts” after all!

The highlight of my day would be singing happy birthday to George, watching him blow the candles out and then eat cake and watch a film. It was so nice to end the day that way. It makes you appreciate everything, and is one of those moments when you just stop and smile. It’s a great feeling. Thank you to everyone who made his birthday great, it made me happy to see him happy on his 21st.

Some tips I will say to you guys today would probably be:

• If it’s not happening, it’s just not going to happen! This can apply to so many things and I think we need to try and take some pressure off ourselves. It can be hard trying to be productive all the time. Give yourself that break. Come back to it.

• As someone told me lately, don’t look at what you can’t do, look at what you can do. We can’t control this situation at the moment, so look at what you can do and how you can help yourself.

• Take advantage of the weather! Go on your daily walk and really enjoy it, or go out into the garden if you have one. Enjoy the sunshine! This is something that can be a positive thing in isolation!

• If you feel you can, keep in touch with your loved ones. I am trying to ring both of my Nans to check in and catch up with. I find this to be really important so I think connect with those over the phone or FaceTime and be thankful for technology, so that we can actually do this.

I hope this has helped a little, but do take care and stay safe. We can do this! Look how far we’ve come!

Until next time,


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