Be Kind

I think now more than ever, in this strange world we find ourselves in, it’s important to be kind and be that much more considerate of others. We have no idea what people are going through, we don’t know their story. What if they are on the brink of breaking down, and we are rude to them? What if our actions, which we may or may not think was ‘that bad’ actually causes somebody to break? We never know what’s going on behind closed doors, so I believe we should be kind. Always.

Before Covid-19 times, I liked to hold a door open for someone, or smile when you walked down the street. It’d something so little, but yet can make a massive difference. If that person smiles back, maybe you’ve just made their day and you’ve helped them to realise the good in people and the good in this world. Sometimes, when I feel really rubbish, and people are kind to me, it can actually make me feel so much better. It puts things into perspective, to look at the bigger picture. I think it’s still nice to be kind now. Why not smile at someone when not wearing a mask, or say hi to someone who may be coming your way. Why not thank that coffee barista when you pick up your drink? It can honestly make someone’s day for something so small and mundane.

These are very challenging times, and something that seems so uncertain. We are so restricted on what we can do, and It can be hard to be optimistic all the time when we are living through a pandemic. I think it’s good to mention how important it is to be kind to ourselves too. If things are getting too overwhelming and it can seem like we need to just stop and take a break, then find the time to do so. Go for a walk, go and watch TV for a little while or go and read that book. We have got to understand how stressful life can be, especially right now, so it’s so essential to be aware of that, and to look after ourselves too. Arrange a pamper night, chat with a friend online or go and have an early night. It’s okay not to be okay. We have those bad days. Please, be kind. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself.

Take care my lovely people, please stay safe.

Until next time,